ukiyo – living in the moment

UKIYO – Living in the moment. detached from the bothers of life.

There have been so many beautiful learnings from the Japanese culture which I’ve kept in my heart for years now. One of which is Ukiyo. It is to live in the moment. An effort to focus on the now and what is good.

I also like Kintsugi. The Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. Credits:

Their punctuality. That time is gold. And it is one of the best expression of respect to other people. How hard-working are they. Their politeness. They are one of the healthiest country. Their food is also one of the most intricate in preparation and presentation plus they are healthy and equally good in taste too. Their application of cleanliness have been a practice like no other. 5S originated from them right.

We have almost 200 countries all over the world and it is nice to know that each of them has an influence to the other.

Though for now, I found myself motivated by Ukiyo.

Ive been fighting off being knocked down by the news we’re getting everywhere on top of the pandemic. This was like those I read or watched years ago, like Outbreak or Perfect sense or Doomsday. All of humanity just like a fleeting balloon.

I have been contemplating on how I will be able to do the desires of my heart, and when. Like they tag it: #lifegoals.

I sometimes feel I “might” run out of time, this is for the young. I already consumed more than half from my sands of time, and keep on praying Oh God, please let me see myself doing them. These prayers kept me silent and in deep thought. At some point, hopeful.

Good and bad times in all my breathing life, at my age, seems overwhelming, though it was said, your “in” trays will never be empty. You will be passing and there’d be more you will leave in that tray.

While those I was able to finish are realizations that God was with me all along.

It brought me to choose, what counts most and focus on it (them), to decipher how I define the remaining days of my life.

Tomorrow is always concealed. So I choose to focus on the now. And release myself from being trapped in this chaos. As Ukiyo. I chose to live in the moment. For tomorrow, is another day.

a greener world

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

I spent most of my day in the garden today. Holding forth my patience, as the cats are playing, running, scratching surfaces wherever I’m around.

Collecting snails, and contemplating whether ill end them or relocate them somewhere. I must do it as they love to munch on my leaves. The cobwebs I put down went back after a day, I put them down again.

I propagated some aglaonemas, gently pulled out its baby and transferred to a new pot. I noticed that there is a better lome soil. One where the water can pass through right away.

The plant experts would always remind you to have pots with holes so that the plant will be well drained after watering. However, its not just the pot. The soil is critical too.

I removed the leaves that are wilting. According to the green thumbs, the plant will do better without the wilted ones. Like its time to go. And its an eye sore too.

From time to time, you’d notice that there are butterflies fluttering here and there. Probably pollinating from one plant to another. Lets thank them. I visualized too what my garden would look like if everyone’s present already. =) It actually made me smile. =)

This round shelf cant make me sleep! lol! till then. =)


The Versatile Classic blue for this Condo unit pulled off both Tradition and Elegance

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

How great design can make condo living cozy and homey. You have to look twice nowadays to attain quality that won’t hurt your pockets.

One of my client’s property is tucked in the quietness of West Conservation Avenue, NUVALI, Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna.

Right at the corner of Evolving Parkway and West Conversation Avenue, and is just 500 – meter radius within reach of several equally developed villages, retail and institutional establishments.

Also minutes away from Sta. Rosa Laguna which is also a highly-developed town in the south, Calamba City, Alabang, San Pedro City, just 40 minutes away from Makati City and 20 minutes away from Tagaytay City. What more could we ask to be near these amazing places.

Location of which is certainly convenient and favorable to its’ owners bringing them within reach not only to their needs but also their wants. Work life balance per se can be easily achieved.

What more, within its’ walls, are amenities like: swimming pool, a Clubhouse, a Basketball court, playground and neatly-trimmed landscaped paths and gardens.

And when it comes to safety, all buildings were manned by Security 24/7.

It was a feat that my client and I meet our ends in finalizing the theme for her unit. She wants minimalist, however, I was able to inject some Mediterranean vibes which created balance in the end. And we both loved it.

For our color scheme, we both loved the calmness instilled by the Pantone Classic blue with touches of brown and beige coming from the natural colors of wood. Some splash of teal, lime green and lighter shades of blue to achieve tonal statements. And at the same time, a relaxed ambience.

Our Mood board. =)

My client opted to customized most of the furniture to veer away from pieces that are mass-produced. Hence, the assurance of quality craftsmanship has been carried out.

What’s exciting here is how we utilized a few vintage items (and when it’s vintage, it just doesn’t feel expensive, it is literally expensive too). This move added character and value to the property itself allowing occupants to enjoy some renaissance of sorts.

The careful choices we made for the lighting fixtures achieved our desired result too: Enhanced mood and a relaxed atmosphere.

Let’s take a look inside and let the photos per area speak for themselves. =)





bedrooms (master & guest)

Pocket doors are definitely space savers.

The sliding glass doors for the closets are meant to make the rooms a little bigger.
Both ceiling lights of the 2 bedrooms has dimmers up to 3x in brightness control.

toilet & bath

Customized coat hanger following our color scheme.
One of my favorite customized pieces. #elegant #sleek #functional
Vintage mirror for the bathroom.

cove ceiling w/ lights on

cove ceiling w/ lights off

Currently, there are increasing home owners that are consulting the experts because Interior Design is not just choosing the right patterns of fabrics, what furniture to use or what lighting fixtures is best for a specific area.

It is more of a collaboration between two great minds and coming up with what is functional without forgetting the aesthetics. It is realizing the essence of considering your space be taken cared of specialists.

And your wish list materialized. =)


Said unit is fully-furnished: Master’s bedroom has a split-type acu, washing machine for the wash area, and a refrigerator. For further inquiries, You may contact Ms. Lorna Manguerra at 0917-855-8854.

You may also navigate thru this link:

Living in colors

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky

For years now, I’ve been looking forward to PANTONE’s Color of the year. I recently posted in my Instagram, the color(s) they have voted for 2021, they’re actually two: Ultimate gray and Illuminating yellow.


  • warm
  • positive
  • friendly
  • subtle
  • thoughtful
  • sunny
  • happy
  • relaxed

You can utilize each of them independently, and you can combine the two as well, as they compliment one another.

I must assume that these colors proximate with what 2020 has been and with a hope and positivity to look forward for a better tomorrow.

The first time that they did this (2 colors in 1 year) was 5 years ago. Rose quartz and Serenity. They’re softer versions of masculinity and femininity. Blushes of pink and blue like those you see in a nursery.

The reason behind to come up with two is the response of producers to consumers of all genders. Bottom-line, equality. They wanted people to be comfortable with everyone’s preference.

Pantone Color of the year from 2000 to 2020

I have been passionate about colors because I firmly believe that emotions and colors are literally intertwined.

Studies show, they can give us feelings of joy and sadness, it can make us calm, it can make us excited, it can make our hearts beat faster which roots from environment, cultural perceptions, social media influence and of course, personal preferences.

Herewith is an Infographic of how Colors generally affects us and the varying emotions affixed to each. You will also see Big names of brands utilizing each color.

Personally, I feel such happiness when I’m surrounded with the colors I love. I also noticed that gifts coming from friends and loved-ones, even colleagues, are of those in my favorite colors, which gives them the comfort of knowing, I’d really appreciate the gift and the thought that they made someone happy.

Image may contain: 1 person

At any rate, if you ever dislike a specific color, it hurts your eyes, or affects your mood, veer away from it, so what I’m trying to say is just surround yourself with the colors that you love regardless of the trend. Besides, if you dislike a trending color, it can be combined with those that you like by referring to Color formulas and guides.

It is what I’d be discussing here, what can we combine with yellow and gray.

The Color of the Year set by Pantone is the leverage of most industries. As it is what stimulate consumers, be it in Fashion, Interiors, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Automobile, Electronics, etc. For some reasons, whatever color is dictated by Pantone, is being similar with Feng Shui’s lucky colors too.

Paint authorities usually follows the trend, they might come up with their own, however, Pantone is the benchmark of most brands. In Color Theory, they are divided by just 2 types: Warm and cool colors. Said types affects us differently, however, in general, this is how it goes:

Those belonging to Warm colors (Energizing) evokes feelings of positivity, energy and happiness.

The Cool colors (Calming) gives us feelings of calm, relaxed, at ease, although it sometimes exudes feelings of melancholy.

Applying color to our daily lives is a personal thing. It’s like surrounding yourself with people who loves you and supports you and whom you love in return. =) So what can go well with the Pantones’ color(s) of the year for 2021?

I will not be using words here, I think it’d be more exciting if we use our visuals instead so as to give us an idea what goes well with these color combinations.

No description available.

So, I think, we already have an idea what can we do to tweak these two and inject them in our own favorites. Have fun! I will really appreciate if you can send me photos of upcoming projects wherein you were able to blithely use these colors. =)

As for myself, a true lover of the color purple, It would really be easy for me, as it goes really well with yellow. So I’d still be happy, I hope you guys will be too! =)

let’s try our best to see the beauty in everything

Train your eyes to see the beauty in every little thing.

Debasish Mridha

I am posting these photos to express my fondness that despite of what’s going on in this world, there are different ways to see it and the better attitude to absorb it. Please do check them out! =)


True enough, we all know that 2020 hadn’t been that good to most of us. But since we were given the right to choose, what would be our choice? To sulk? To absorb all the negativities knowing its’ effect in our body and soul, or to look away from it? And be grateful for all that we are, what we have, what we do not have, what this experience can make out of us when we become our best versions.

Sending love and prayers via these photos (I found them very cute and creative) to you guys wherever you are in this world. Please always remember to practice safety protocols. And hold fast to that hope that better days are yet to come.

It is indeed a little different, a little sad too, still, I am wishing Happy Christmas to all and praying that whatever the New Year will bring, we can all revert and face each new day with love in our hearts. With the comfort of knowing that there is a God who truly cares for us.

Let’s just keep moving forward! =) These are just setbacks, let’s not let them derail us and lose our focus! Cheers to 2021! =)