Ilocos Sur…

The night we spent in Laoag was a night filled with excitement as to where we gonna go first once we reached Vigan.

We woke up early not seeing the sun shining yet and readied ourselves to hit the bus station and hopped on the first one bound to Vigan. We reached the historical city early morning and we opted to literally walk the whole city.

Said some prayers here..(–,)
We opted to walk than ride on them…



We got our hotel, immediately unpacked, and went around the famous blocks. Every corner was a sight to behold.


Calle Crisologo..

But first we have to get our breakfast. We found a cozy resto with an old feel that serves the best hot choco in town. I must admit. We had Vigan longaniza for the ___th time. ahaha!

A painting of Crisologo street at Cafe Uno…


Cups and cups and cups…

cafe uno

cafe uno

I especially enjoyed the museum. It felt like we’re back in time. So many beautiful things feeding our soul with so much appreciation.

Vintage carousel…
And another…with touches of colonial patterns..
They bake their breads in their “pugon”…It’s oven in English.
Receiving area of an old mansion turned museum..
I’m scared to look at the mirror, paranoid to see someone else behind me. ehehehe..
nice arch
Multiple arch..
Luna’s Spolaruim.. a reproduction, the original I guess is in a museum in Manila…
Souvenir shops..

Even Mcdonalds architecture is themed.


How can we forget to buy some shirts and ref magnets from one of the Souvenir shops.

Time flew so fast. It’s lunch time at Leona’s. This is the famous restaurant just beside the church. And the first one you will notice like a focal point with a promise that there’s more to see.


We then proceed to the Bell tower. The last in our itinerary.




Much as we wanna stay longer to explore more, realizing how Vigan is as lovely as Laoag, we need to rush to the airport.

Ilocos Sur gone green! (–,)

And while waiting for our plane. We spent it taking pictures since the airport is also themed like a requisite fad to preserve its’ rich history.


Sitted on a bench, we chatted like kids about this experience as if we weren’t together for the whole time.

Oh, that’s while munching the famous Vigan empanada.

…That we got from here…

It dawned on me that such simple pleasure can turn out so great if spent with special people whom you’ve known for the longest time and who knows you just the same. Looking forward to more beautiful places with my soul buddy! Dolce vita!

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