“Blow Ur Horn” – Breathtaking Batanes

“Blow Ur Horn” – Breathtaking Batanes

“Travel brings power and love back to your life.”~Rumi~

It goes without saying that this signage “Blow Ur horn” is all that I can hear of when I was on board for our trip to Batanes. I hear it inside the plane, I hear it at the airport.

I didn’t have much time asking Google about Batanes as my soul sissy gave me all the information that I need, all I had then was excitement.

And so I heard and I saw and I conquered. The “Blow Ur Horn” thing is for safety purposes. It is found in all the blind corners and curves and all drivers religiously blow their horn to make sure that motorists were warned. I forgot the exact number but I recall counting them, maybe more than 50 for each and every turn.

You will notice that it is made of stone and attached to boulders so it is strong enough against wear and tear since this specific zigzag road in Batan, the main island of Batanes, has always been exposed to strong winds. It has been built long ago and it is funny to imagine that they already shortened the word “your” to “ur” even if texting isn’t existing yet then.

Here are some of my souvenir shots:

Have you noticed the blues and teals of the sea:

blow 3

My first few days in Batanes were of mixed emotions. Mostly gratitude as it brought me such happiness for all the right reasons to desire witnessing more and more of this world we live in.

Our stay at Batanes Seaside Lodge was good. During our stay, there are some personnel from GMA 7, I heard that they will feature the oldest man in Batanes. It is located at: National Road, Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes 3900 (Main branch). There are barkers at the airport and will show you brochures and leaflets of where you can stay in case you haven’t booked at any yet. You can contact Batanes Seaside Lodge at:

0927-788-5508/ 0999-992-4977 or send inquiry at: batanesseasidelodge@gmail.com or you can visit their website: http://www.batanesseasidelodge.com/new/

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