Johnsons Baby Powder

Johnsons Baby powder…

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”~Eleanor Roosevelt~

While my buddy and I are freshening up in the ladies room after having our lunch. She noticed and was surprise to see me using a familiar plastic container of baby talc or powder and was actually laughing. I asked why, I already have a slight idea of why she was laughing. She asked me why I never got over with using this particular baby powder? Saying I have been using it since we’re still in our 20s.

I looked at her and yes I admitted it that I haven’t gotten over using my Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. According to my mom, I’ve been using it as a baby, toddler, kinder, elementary, high school and even during college and yes until up to now.

powder 3
Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder..

I had it figured out that I’ve been loyal to this product all these years. I am now a mother of a teenage son and yet I’m still using a baby powder. ahaha!

She asked me if I am aware that Johnson & Johnson’s  had innovations and came up with those that comes in compact and yes I knew it. I must admit, I’ve tried it, Its just that the puff being worn out in time hassles me. There are puffs that you can buy anywhere but I opted to use the loose powder with my hankie if its time to apply it on my face and body.

It refreshes me, addresses “oiliness overload” (as teens nowadays calls it), and the scent is so light and gentle. It didn’t go against the colognes/ perfumes I’ve used all these years. And the most important thing I like about it is it didn’t give me any problem on skin rashes.

As faithful as I am. My alternative are the talcs I discovered from Marks & Spencer. I’ve been using them during college trying all variants. Until I became loyal to the the purple one which is lavender. So I used them alternately. Dedicating the M&S for special occasion and my J&J as a daily habit, especially after taking a bath. =)

powder 1
I intentionally kept the old bottles thinking & anticipating they will soon be vintage and would fit in my shabby chic type bedroom..=)
The latest can from M&S.. I made use of the old ones as vase for my flowers! =)

You would not believe this, even my son is a powder junkie, being a teen already, he would still ask me to put powder in his back sometimes! It’s really nice to be a baby! ahaha! Especially when you’re a Johnson & Johnson’s baby! Thank you J&J!

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