I love yo – gurt! <3 <3 <3

I love Yo-gurt!

I love yo – gurt! Especially frozen ones.  I smoke and aint proud of it. I do it away by taking anti-oxidant supplements and consume as much greens that I can. And maybe soon I’ll juice too like everyone is doing nowadays.

One of my favorite anti-oxidants which is fortunately like a sweet treat for me too are frozen yogurts. Not a week will pass without me having it. From the time I learned of it my cravings for ice cream diminished. I eat froyos like ice cream. It is one of my happy food. =)

Lucky me that there’s a lot in my country. Here are they:


Yo swirls by BITC…

Courtesy of:


Better than ice cream was already there while I was still a collegiala (that is like more than 2 decades ago!). It was only 10 years later when the trend returned to return to the basics and more people learned to appreciate their wellness be it in the food that they consume or the place they go to, due to being aware of it. Advertising agencies highlighted the advantages of it so consumers will be aware. Literally yogurts are truly better than ice cream!


When soul sis discovered that frozen yogurt has become a favorite of mine, she introduced to me 2 shops in Greenbelt that offers frozen yogurt. Red mango for one and the other is Golden spoon where you will dispense your own froyo that comes in different flavors and toppings. It is truly an enjoyable experience to have such a dessert, interactive after a hefty meal.

red mango
Had this too at Red Mango!


White hat for me is synonymous to the word “favorite”. Among all stores selling frozen yogurt in the Philippines, White hat was closest to my heart and literally closest to where I live because of their branch in Alabang. Since the first time I had it maybe I have ordered more than a dozen already with blueberry cheesecake and almonds and cereals as toppings. It is always that. =)

My favorite! ❤


I love yo is in BF Paranaque. There’s this street in BF where all kinds of cuisines you will find and it was a relief to have a froyo just around the corner if you can afford to be away from cakes for the meantime. They also allow you to dispense your frozen yogurt from the machine. And choose your toppings.

il yo bf
Discovered by a friend of mine! Went there after a few days it opened! ❤


I learned of Tutti frutti in Alabang as I was passing by civic drive coming from Alabang Town Center. Their store is on a corner and their colorful logo is very visible to everyone especially during the night. Their concept is interactive too you will dispense the yogurt and the toppings as well and bring it to the counter to bill out. They have the nicest interiors which gives me the feeling that I’m in a different country.


This shop is in festival mall near Chef’s avenue. What I get from them? Still is blueberry jam and cheesecake.


Golden spoon allows you too to dispense your own yogurt. Though I guess they have a few toppings to choose from though when it comes to flavored yogurt they have a lot. Golden spoon is located in Shangri-la mall.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Froyo in Coffee bean and tea leaf is not that attractive. It is just flavored and comes without any toppings. I just love its’ color.

Blurd! =(


Loving their menu since college days, that is pan chicken and roast beef with the best gravy I’ve ever tasted, I loved them more to include in their dessert list specially made frozen yogurt with well loved toppings. I just hope all branches offers this dessert.


KRR has put up with the demand for a healthy dessert. Though again there are no toppings. They just make do with chunks of brownies to go with it. Not bad. =)


This one is in Tagaytay. Inside Cliff house. Something to top as dessert whatever you consumed since if you’re a foodie, there’s a lot to consume in Tagaytay. =)

Fling in Tagaytay!


Menchie’s from Cali, USA
Yogurt land!


Looks like Selecta by Uniliver from another country…


Sour Sally…definitely fat-free…






Sweet monkey…


goa yogurt
Goa yogurt – one the most elegant packaging I’ve seen.

Packaging Spotlight: Goa Healthy Yogurt

lick 2
Lick …new packaging…


Lick Frozen Yogurt (Redesigned)

Fling frozen yogurt is kinda sour for me though it still is my favorite frozen dessert especially if topped with blueberries.

All in all wherever I get my froyo, it is such a good feeling to satisfy my cravings for sweets without the fear of accumulating additional weight because it is literally a healthy treat.

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