Filipino Craftsmanship – Art from the <3

National & Furnishings Fair 2014

Coming from work in Alabang, as I was walking on my way home, a tarpaulin caught my attention. It is the National Furniture & Furnishings Fair 2014.

sikat pinoy 2
Sikat Pinoy..

Courtesy of:

Out of curiosity and my undying admiration for the love of my fellow men’s artistry and creativity. I entered their facade without any qualms. Whether it is free or not. Fortunately it is free. Whew. (–,)

sikat pinoy
Sikat Pinoy!
blk cat
Cushioned chairs…
Outdoor chairs…

My eyes welled up with awe when I went out of this exhibit. I did not realized that I have been there for hours. And it was funny I bought some good finds too. I bought a tassel in all the colors that I like that matched my lavender Long champ bag.

fringe benefits
Fringe benefits…
tassles 2
Tassels in all sizes!
Purple tassel!

I also bought a pink and purple dried starfish from Cebu for my garden.

Dried starfish…

And lastly I bought a dream catcher in my favorite color(as usual).

my dream catcher
My color…
my dream catcher 2
Teal too…
dream catcher
Dream catchers…

Other stuff I found are as follows:

Most of the exhibitors are from the provinces mostly from the Visayas/ Mindanao areas.

Banig from Samar…
Capiz coasters..
Are they dancing?
Christ on the cross…
mom n child
Mother and child from coco husk…

Listening from the way they speak, I can easily detect they’re from that region since I stayed in Vismin for a couple of years hopping fr one city to another. Though there are a few booths whose owner hails from my province Laguna. Their accent, I can tell too.

newspaper stand
Such a unique newspaper stand….

Filipino craftsmanship is definitely undaunted since the time I learned to appreciate Arts. The best thing about it is the support that were given to them to sport the uniqueness of their products.

rule of thirds 4
Rule of thirds…
Painted paddles…
sikat p

Courtesy of:

The exhibit initially I suspected something like the OTOP (One town, one product, Philippines). Well it’s not but still it featured the rich culture of the Filipinos per region and that they are earning from it.An occupation that is very noble.

jewelry boxes
Jewelry boxes in all sizes and colors…

This table has passed standards to be exported.

Table and mirror in matching designs…

Some wood carvings,

3 me
I so love this mirror!
And this swing too…
paper roses
While these made me sing…Paper roses!
Shells from Cebu..

and even bags that can be paralleled to brands like Rocio bags (By a Filipina designer – Rocio Olbes), Celestina bags (By Tina Maristela Ocampo), Bea Valdes and Rafe Totengco. Without blinking one would have a hard time distinguishing the known brands from these that are without a name. The patience to finish them intricately.

intricate bags
Beaded bags…

Since it is the season of Christmas. A lot were themed for the holidays which made the exhibit festive and joyful. =)

Christmas balls
Curtain of Christmas balls..
christmas balls 3
And another…
rule of 3rds 1
Purple bulbs…
rule of thirds 2
rule of thirds
And reds…
“Holen” or marbles on this trunk as Christmas decor..
Christmas embellishments
And these…

I specifically loved those lamps that are made from coconut. Even these wall decors were made from coconuts.

mom n child 2
Mother and child…
Lamp from coconut shells…

The ingenuity of Filipinos are like gifts that are timeless and sprinkled by God since time immemorial.

rice box
Looked like a vintage/ shabby chic type cabinet to me…
rice box 2
And it was a rice box when I opened it…=)
A happy Christmas everyone! ❤

Visiting fairs like these inspires me a lot. I look forward to see more at every chance. =)


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