Mirror, mirror on the wall! <3

Mirror, mirror on the wall!-Full-length & huge mirror junkie! (–,)

Gone are the days when you need someone else to take your pictures! Mobile phone companies came up with innovations like phones and cameras with capabilty of taking pictures from the front and back. The sensational “selfie” trend hasn’t died yet perhaps despite of several claims that it is a mental sickness, people (including me) continue to take selfies at every chance. I personally oppose it’s a sickness, because loving oneself or appreciating oneself despite of known flaws or imperfections and looking at the prettier side of oneself is the only key for us to love another.  Unless a person is no longer productive due to addiction of taking pictures of herself 24/7! That’s the only time I will refer to it as a sickness. However, this issue I believe is “To each his own!”

Personally, one of my favorite is to take picture of myself every time I see full length (and/or huge) mirrors (or ask my friends to take my photo)! =)

Unlike popular celebrities taking their OOTD on a daily basis. I don’t have that chance. I take selfies on these huge mirrors only if I feel like it. And mind you there are instances that there is a full-length mirror and yet I was not able to take my pictures since there are other people in that area. I feel so awkward ahaha!

Just the same waiting for people to leave doesn’t hurt that much, I was just like a Pink panther sneaking my ownership of that huge mirror! Ahaha!

Here are those instances!

1. At our favorite shop in Rockwell..

While shopping at Rockwell..

While shopping at Rockwell..

2. Bellevue hotel..

Attended a wedding in Alabang! <3

Attended a wedding in Alabang! ❤

3. At an Art Fair

The mirror isn't just huge, it's so fab!

The mirror isn’t just huge, it’s so fab!

4. Before checking-out, I had to stand beside this round mirror! ❤

Soho lobby..

Soho lobby..

5. At an Art Fair again..

I so love this mirror!

I so love this mirror!

6. Mind museum..

Mind museum..

Mind museum..

7. With my college buddies..

With my BFFs!

With my BFFs!

8. Somewhere in BGC..

On my favorite striped pants..

On my favorite striped pants..

9. In Alabang..

In a French patisserie..

In a French patisserie..

10. Somewhere in Ilocos..

At a vintage mansion in Ilocos..

At a vintage mansion in Ilocos..

11. Somewhere in Shaw..=)

Somewhere in Shaw..

Somewhere in Shaw..

12. Bay Leaf hotel



13. Manila Ocean park

At the Manila Ocean park... Souvenir shop..

At the Manila Ocean park… Souvenir shop..

Far shot..=) Still at MOP...

Far shot..=) Still at MOP…

14. In Laguna

At Patis Tito Garden Cafe..

At Patis Tito Garden Cafe..

15. In Cebu..

While waiting for the concierge..

While waiting for the concierge..

mirror 3

Inside the waiting area of the loo..

mirror 1

Dining area of Balay Indang has a mirror in the ceiling. We decided to take this pic out of fun! =)

mirror 2

Another vintage mirror is located in one of the dining halls.. =) This is in Balay Indang, Cavite.

Sulyap Gallery cafe..

Sulyap Gallery cafe..


Shangri-la EDSA…


Commerce center Alabang..

We're like kids!

We’re like kids!

You see I would not really accept that I’m sick out

Pablo Picasso's famous painting.. Source: https://www.google.com.ph/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAYQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.leninimports.com%2Fpablo_picasso_ca.html&ei=MyIQVY3wBZDHuATT3YDgCQ&psig=AFQjCNF6jUe9H5LFCRuwfojETnabQxpEZw&ust=1427206952152501

Pablo Picasso’s famous painting.. Source: http://www.leninimports.com/pablo_picasso_ca.html

of taking my own pictures, for all I know, each one of us  are picture addicts and those who are not comfortable taking their pictures are the ones that I think that needs treatment. It is a beautiful world after all! ❤


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