SULYAP Gallery Cafe…A peek of the past

Sulyap Gallery Cafe

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.
~Virginia Wolf~

Sulyap gallery cafe is the second stop of our itinerary for our south bound trip. We spent the night here, and lunch at Patis Tesoro the day after and were off to home bound. Sulyap in the vernacular is a glance or a peek into a place or a different time.

Sulyap is a Boutique hotel...
Sulyap is a Boutique hotel…
At night...
At night…

It is a Gallery cafe,

It was a peaceful night..
Vintage switch behind the altar..
T & G…
I wasn’t able to capture the beautiful effect of the colored glass lit by the morning sun..
There are numerous wall-mounted clippings that featured Sulyap..

A B&B (bed and breakfast) for R&R,

A really old chandelier..
This you will see going up the restaurant..
My bed for the night..
They intentionally left some part unfinished in several parts of the hotel, just to showcase the antiquity of those huge hollow blocks.
My childhood days in Binan were made of Capiz windows..
This side belongs to my colleagues..
This side belongs to my colleagues..

A museum,

The title is “Sabong” (cockfight)..
It’s a miniature living room.
My grandma has this.
Sungka. I eyed my grandma’s sungka. I intended to use it as something to keep my bling blings. However, another cousin took it right away.
I have been so fond of easels. I wish to have one.
Stairs turned into a display area.
Emerald green.
The museum’s hallway.
Wine dispensers.
A child’s room. I didn’t linger here fearing one of those wooden horses will move. =)
A very very old photograph of a lady.
A vintage sewing machine. It reminded me of my grandma’s sewing machine again.
Vintage stuff. I remember there are irons at Casa San Pablo as ornaments.
There are two subjects I aimed, the globe and the vintage car that I think my papa would love to keep.
And this I captured for Jen.

and a mini resort all in one.

The view from the azotea..
I wish I can grow horsetails as big as this! ❤
Stones before are logoed..=)
Traversing my way to the pool…
There you go..

All those that I have mentioned we were able to maximize in our less than 24 hour stay at this ethereal place. What made it more exciting is that I was able to bond with my office mates, got to know them while enjoying my Tanduay Ice.

One for the road..
One for the road..

I seldom drink beer due to some allergies while with hard liquors, I can’t tolerate how I suffer from hang over the next morning. So I end up having coffee or iced latte or coke whichever is available.

The dinner that we’ve had reminded me of our ancestral house in Binan.

Seeing them, I missed to paint..
Are those pancit habhab?
The gallery at the cafe..
I saw an angel..
An old ad of Coca cola..=)
Turon ala mode..=)

We used to live in this more than 400 square meters lot and similar finishes of Spanish houses are evident all around. The veranda, the azotea, the vast front yard, the windows in Capiz, the wooden balusters below the window sill, that vintage electrical switch, old paintings to remember as a few.

The big lawn that we used to maintain cultivated all the trees you could name: Caimito (star apple), Coconut tree, Guava tree, Santol tree and list goes on. The trees at Sulyap I think are as old as those. Oh I was just estimating. As for me to get the exact and accurate age of a tree, we need to count the rings of its trunk right. And then, I detest cutting trees, let alone, how old these trees are.

Come breakfast time the morning after. I literally enjoyed it with so much bliss.

Happy tummy! Rice please! ehehe

We have 2 choices then, an All American breakfast and an All Filipino. I opted to order an American breakfast with a twist. Along the crispy bacon, ham and eggs. I had this hot chocolate and a cup of muscuvado sugar which liberated me to get as many as I can.

Hot choco with muscuvado and fresh cow’s milk..=)

They kept on reminding me on my sweets intake as it might lead me to diabetes however my count is still good during my last check up. Let’s just say this happens to be my “cheat day”, besides I don’t normally devoured on sweets like candies or chocolates like most people do. So I guess, I’m off the hook. =)

Like the usual Summer get-aways, we were also able to dip in cold waters, played and had so much fun with my colleagues. Add a lively “Good morning!” from my boss surely completed one of my best weekends. =)

Sulyap Gallery cafe and restaurant is located at: Cocoland Compound, Barangay Del Remedio, San Pablo City, 4000 Laguna.

Contact number: 049-562-9735, 0917-5968760, 0920-9519185

Below is a map going to Sulyap from Manila:

2 thoughts on “SULYAP Gallery Cafe…A peek of the past

  1. Hi Beaut, for the sake of those who want to visit the place, please include directions on how to get there. Love the photos and I very much would like to visit the place someday. Thanks for sharing!


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