UGU BIGYAN… An Artist’s Haven…

Ugu Bigyan – Pottery and Restaurant

Having a boss whose passion is traveling is one blessing I should be grateful for, since she is generous enough to share wonderful experiences with her people.

Everyone is excited as to where she will bring us come Summer time. Each year is fabulous and good food is over-flowing.

This year, she personally asked me to prepare a leaflet for our itinerary. As I was browsing for photos to include on it, I learned that she is bringing us in three different locations in Quezon and Laguna. One thing in common that I noticed is that all three places depicts appreciation of art, the beauty of our country’s history and authentic cuisine.

First stop of which is Ugu Bigyan Pottery and Restaurant.

Evidence that an artist is residing in this place...

Evidence that an artist is residing in this place…

I would have to create a separate blog for the other two locations which are equally mesmerizing ( Patis Tito Garden Cafe and Sulyap Bed & Breakfast & Cafe where we spend the night of this special weekend).

True enough, location is key for friends and colleagues to enjoy that once a year bonding, R&R for both body and soul. I opted to create one blog for each as if I squeeze them all in one blog, it’d would be too long and I would not be able to reflect all the beautiful photos I’ve taken. One thing is for sure, all three, feeds both our bodies and souls.

Choosing location is the key. My boss, since a traveler all her life, is excellent in her itineraries. All these years, her choices are all awe – inspiring.

It was lunch-time when we reached our first destination. It is the cozy Ugu Bigyan’s house where his restaurant and studio is situated, it caters to guests who wants to try his authentic Asian fusion cuisine, with all the twists you least expect. Not to forget mentioning that most ingredients are organic.




Sweet and sour (huge) fish!

pako salad

Appetizers: Pako salad! (The best we’ve had!) and Kulawo, and clam soup!


Very tender bbq ribs!


Black tigers in sauce with coco milk!

A corner of the place is dedicated to all his magnificent works.

pots with greens

Bricks are everywhere!

bench wd his works

And vigan tiles..

his works

The wooden shelves in odd shapes are very artistic..

his works 2

To maintain a studio like this is very inspiring!

mothers tongue

He’s turf i guess is forming shapes and blending..

happy feet

Happy feet! =)

A vast area where nature and art connived, resulting to a very relaxing vibe. An ambiance I haven’t felt in a long while.

cabana 3

I wanted to sleep in the Cabanas!

cabana 4

With those shams!


Keeping the faith…


Mayette took some of my pictures and I took hers too..

my solo bricks

Thank you Mayette!

There are bewitching B&B rooms for those who wish to stay for the night, specifically his students.

me in bed

Oh, heaven!


The door from the room will lead you to the loo..

silip ulet


He is by the way considered a National Artist by being one of the most admirable master potter in all the land. I heard of him way back 2009 when I visited Casa San Pablo, seeing his place from Viaje Del Sol as one spot to stop if you are in the areas of Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon).

However, I listed another site of pottery in Antipolo, since it is nearer to me. I’m just grateful to my boss for introducing the place to us.

Ugu’s works are very fine to the smallest detail. Not the typical ordinary Terra cotta pots that we see everywhere. He creates all kinds, in different colors and in all sizes. And intricately.

3 jars

Rule of 3s!


I think they’re freshly made..

baso 2

Strokes of art on the cabinets..


He’s got florals too..=)

God and guitar

Aimed at 2 subjects here: The God and the Guitar..

ill buy these

Guava leaves in Terra cottas..

pot with leaves

A big pot adorned with green leaves…

pots with greens

Green is such a beauty to behold..

My favorite among them are the blue ones, very near to the shade of Lapiz lazuli.

Looks like Lapiz lazuli to me..=)

Looks like Lapiz lazuli to me..=)

I am full of excitement to write about this place as it boasts three types of interests among travelers:

– His pottery
– His food
– His place in neutral palette 

When you’re at Ugu, you would wish that the time will stop so you’ll be able to stay there for a longer time. Or, be able to visit this cozy place every now and then just so as a temporary escape from the entirely different life from the city.

cabana 4

Can we take a nap? =)

cabana 3

I wish I have this…

guava leaves

Chimes everywhere..

The “Gastronomic adventure” term that I decided to use for our itinerary flyers suits all the food that we were served with.

The place is quite huge, however, there is no corner that isn’t interesting. They all speak to you: “Take my photo, take my photo!” And as if under a spell, you would willingly take their photos one by one, with a sweet thought at the back of your mind, that they are smiling back at you. =)

front facade

The front is in Vigan floors as well..

Ugu focal point

The unique formation of this tree served as a focal point of the place spreading in circular motion..

4 posts

Another focal point of the place..

It’s as if everything were created out of fun, out of happiness, as if nothing were over-analyzed. Just fun in doing them. I guess it is what I normally see from most artists, it is what passion is all about.

cabana 2

The sound of those charms are music to my heart and soul..

close up from jayne

Taken by my boss! =)

The nice thing about it is that most of them were done by Ugu himself. He is a Designer and is very good in landscaping. I wonder how many years did it take him to complete a whole place and fill them with his artworks. It is so inspiring and reminded me of my quilts. I intend to fill my house with my quilts, be it our curtains, our throw pillow cases, our chairs, our bed sheets, name it. Even my skirts! ahaha! And really, time and dedication is an element. Ugu is very inspiring.

Take a peek at how beautiful the place is:

Seeing this, I thought of adding them to my existing lamps (living room) at home. These chimes, one kissed by the wind creates a very soothing sound. It lulls me to sleep.

Butterflies I'll hang in my existing lights at home..

Butterflies I’ll hang in my existing lights at home..

And look what Ugu can provide should you opt to spend the night in his place. It is literally divine.


The second room, which is smaller but beautiful just the same.

huge room

Papa promised me a big wrong! ahaha


Luggage – Icons of travelers..

me in bed


to the bathroom

Entrance to the loo!

When my boss asked me how was it? I without thinking and blinking told her that I never thought something beautiful such as this is tucked somewhere in Quezon. Just like her, If I have the opportunity, I would love to bring my family and closest friends over. Besides, I need to buy some of the butterfly chimes..=)

Augusto L. Bigyan or Ugu by the way is very friendly, always smiling and he was kind enough to allow me to have a picture with him. And not just one but two. His mirthful staff joyfully said: “Isa pa!” (“One more” in English). Such a good company!

Ugu newspaper

They were commended by the New York papers..

Ugu 1

Mr. Augusto Bigyan..

Ugu 2

Famously known as Ugu..=)

Ugu’s aura is so positive and very evident that he is enjoying the life that he choose, it is definitely an “Artist’s haven”. My unending gratefulness to my boss, my colleagues and Ugu for such a memorable experience! ❤

Ugu Bigyan Pottery and Restaurant is located at:
490 Alvarez Village. Brgy Lusacan, 4325 Tiaong, Quezon.
Dining and stay is reservation basis.


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