City of Dreams – MANILA

“Happiness does not completely depend on comforts or opulence. Even a pauper can be happier than a prince.”

Aptly named, City of Dreams – Manila is such a place literally like a dream coming true for most Filipinos. Almost everything are guilded, brightly colored carpets, huge planters, extravagant chandeliers, framed advertisements, name it, Hollywood like. It’s like placing both of your hands over your mouth to keep a shriek more so giving it away – “Oh my God!” It is so world class!

I might be a little exaggerated for the simple fact that I haven’t been to New York or Las Vegas or Hollywood. So this city is still dashingly new to me. It was a grand experience.



The staff are friendlier than I expected. I assumed or under estimated them to have the swag of working in a fabulous work place such as this.


Lovin’ the swirls..


Reel for real!

The boys!

The boys!

And I stand corrected. From the concierge, the entrance staff, at the restaurants, inside the casino which is as early as lunch time were pumped with action, there are a lot of players then and guards manned every corner which includes calling my attention for taking pictures since it is not allowed, I’m sorry I didn’t see any signages anyway.

And even in the restrooms, the staff were there for you with a ready smile on their faces. The restrooms are mildly scented, liquid soaps can be dispensed with a sensor and from wall to wall, it is immaculately clean.





Ms. full length mirror!

Ms. full length mirror!

These only shows that everyone are all well-trained staff and I can’t help but be amazed that maybe most of them had the chance to see and meet and greet the world renowned actor Robert de Niro. Not just him but Leonardo Di Caprio and Martin Scorcese.

The bosses!

The bosses!

Isn’t it amazing that someone like Mr. God father would be willing to invest and put up a fab business in our country? I can’t really wait to see the place in my own eyes. And yes, it is fabulous.

Fretwork dividers..

Fretwork dividers..

It felt like home, the attendants literally are very vigilant and would attend immediately to your needs. I was able to take pictures of the whole place without hindrances, the staff would even pause upon knowing I am trying to capture something.


Posh dividers..


Elevated dining area..


Another corner for a group..


The Cafe’s hall..


Focal point upon entrance..


To the loo..

Paris, the head waiter was kind enough to enumerate the food that we’ve had since I do not want to give them the wrong names and yet, since there’s a lot of them. I still forgot the others. They were also kind enough to take our pictures (although some are blurd! Oh well!).

Happy tummies..

Happy tummies..



The food were served hot and right there in front of us in less than 10 minutes. Yes, I timed it. We opted to go “Ala carte” and foodie buddy chose Italian while I decided to go Japanese. Our beverage, carrot juice for me and orange juice for Jen, which are still unsweetened. So we were then provided with sugar packets (washed and white) and a cup of syrup as well. Of course I opted to have the syrup. My carrot juice is heavenly.

Au naturelle..

Au naturelle..

This is what we devoured on.


Cold cuts which I topped on my pizza..


Pizza ala Vieux Chalet..


My Japanese treat..

The first maki is to die for.

The first maki is to die for.


My three kinds of panacotta..


Jen’s chocolate mousse with cream.

Jen would want to try the poker, however we promised ourselves to go back and try the buffet. It is from 11 to 230pm, served daily. As I still have another mission to accomplish that day. You will be awed by the creativity of their presentations, the kitchen is visible, it is like wandering in the set of iron chef.




Japanese cuisine..


Lobsters for Jen..


Chefs in action..






Octopus is exotic..




Bite sized food..


Chocolate fountains… and other sweets…


For the sweet tooth..


Oh my churros!




Cheese platter… Jen won’t eat the blue cheese..

Or we can also try the other line ups of restaurants:
– The Tasting room

– Nobu

– Crystal dragon

– Noddl8

– Erwin’s Gastrobar

– Wave

– Red ginger and more

We had ours from “The Cafe”.. It attracted me because of their deep purple upholstered seats…=)


Elevated dining area at the center of the Cafe..


This table is packed with cookies that you can take home or nibble on while strolling..

Bought some cookies too...

Bought some cookies too…

Yes we intend to go back. As we strongly believed that sometimes we deserve something grand. A once in a while treat for ourselves after a weeks’ hard work. A little luxury that won’t hurt that much.



Perhaps the sweetest thing about it is that sharing posh moments with people close to your heart. I hope to bring my son and my mom here too… Being here is like a celebration of being alive and having the chance to see beauty at its’ finest. Till then COD!

My son calls this the golden egg...=)

My son calls this the golden egg…=)

City of Dreams – Manila is located at:

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines


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