Blissful BOHOL!

Blissful Bohol…

“Mother nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one’s soul.”~Anthony Douglas Williams~

There are many darn good reasons to desire going back to Cebu again after more than a dozen visits through the years. Besides, what they boasts like the pristine beaches is one thing I haven’t experienced yet even after my most recent visit. Though I’m hoping to get there soon. Probably at Camotes island, Bantayan or Malapascua island. Or check out Little Holland and Temple of Leah.

My son’s father decided to bring me and our son to spend a day in Cebu and another in Bohol. Who can ever resist that? We have been living in separate roofs for more than ten years however we make it a point to be together during our son’s activities in school and from time to time, we bring him out for fun and leisure too. So this 3 days and 2 nights is nothing extra-ordinary to the three of us. Well, just the same, we are all excited. Especially me since I have been wanting to see in my own eyes the magnificent Chocolate hills in Bohol And its for free! Yey! Thank you tatty! =)

Tagbilaran is definitely a locale one can’t get lost at, I often hear that you can roam around the whole town in a day. It isn’t that big. But it has a lot to offer.

Take a look!

Floating restaurant

day tour
Our itinerary..
loboc 6
Rio Verde..
eat all u can
Eat all you can!
Just after lunch..
loboc 5
4 meters deep.. It’s green due to the algae under..
loboc 3
So this is how cruising feels like! =)

On the side, there was a stop-over for taking pictures with some attractions. We had this giant crab carry us on its’ back . =)

loboc 2
A native took this pic. They were dancing when we came. We also gave him some bills as gratuity. =)

Man-made forest

Father and son bonding!
My so liked it here, I think! =)
Trees are like God to me!

Tarsiers  – the smallest primate in the world 

According to my friends, the Tarsiers can be held before. Now, it’s prohibited.
Just for the experience. =)
I think we saw just three Tarsiers in this 30 minutes trekking.
It can turn its’ head 180 degrees, since their eyes are too big. Such a cutie for me. And I don’t mind not touching them, they looked so fragile to me. I’m okay being just a spectator. Besides, day time is sleeping time for them. Photo source:

Strolled in Bohol

We will never miss visiting the churches..
i was here
And I always as in always admired the floors during the old time..
my god
Jesus Christ..
Look at how they improvised that typical wooden bench..=)
plaza 2
Joint forces!
plaza 3
My epic pose.. I was hoping the pavilion was captured from the roof top. =)
plaza 4
The care taker told us that the birds can feed in your hands, as long as you’ve got some rice for them..
plaza 6
Same pose! ahaha
plaza 5
The inn which accommodated has a blueberry cheesecake chilled in a mason jar! 

Chocolate Hills

Bear with me as I am writing a separate blog about the hills. I was too awed by it and this blog is too long already. (–,)

I will not forget what the skies are like in Bohol, how they densely gather along the panorama, how tall and majestic the trees are in that winding road from Loboc to Bilar, how the Tourist guide in the Tarsier Conservatory impeccably reckoned the “To dos and not to dos” prior to traversing the conservatory, how different nationalities huddled in one raft, how excited my husband to see the Tarsiers and wished to bring home one, how my son got obsessed with blueberry cheesecake (he had more than 5 servings I guess), how I lost my breath climbing the 200+ steps to have a better view of the chocolate hills. When it was all worth it! It is indeed the best part of this trip! Witnessing one of the greatest work of nature in the whole world. I thank God for the chance to capture such beauty!

And we are already looking forward to be exploring the other side of Bohol soon – Panglao… =)

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