Deja vu in CEBU!

Deja vu in Cebu

“Actually, the best gift you could give to her was a lifetime of adventures.”
~Lewis Carroll~ (Alice in Wonderland)

It is on this premise that I am writing again about Cebu. Besides, I am no longer a solo traveler this time, no longer that the trip is work-related. I will be with my family. This has been planned a long time ago and I am glad that it has finally came true. I am pretty sure that I’ll enjoy it and yes, I did, much as I enjoy my trips when I’m traveling solo.

Let me share with you some activities or must-dos that I listed down minus the trip to the beaches. As there’ll always be a next time.

It is our son’s first time to visit the queen city of the south, so I made it a point that he see the site of Magellan’s Cross as it is the seat of our Catholic faith, say a prayer, and see the museum. They are by the way just adjacent to one another. Personally, I also want to see for myself how much was damaged to this old church after the typhoon last year. It breaks my heart to see some sites being destroyed when it was standing there for the longest time.

This is one reason why I also included in my list to go back to Tacloban one of these days when it became my second home some years ago.

Our itinerary includes a visit to Cobonpue’s showroom, the Ferangali store which is the oldest makers of guitars in Cebu, shop dried fish at Taboan market as pasalubong, shop souvenirs at Fuente circle and visit Rica’s at The Henry hotel. They don’t want the “Edge coast ride”. Ryan wanted the “Lantaw” restaurant. It is a floating resto serving authentic Filipino cuisine, but this time, I was the one who slashed it from the list as I do not want to be floating again! I’ve had too much of it for the past days. Upon seeing my final list, both boys requested to see Ayala Terraces, Cebu. Oh well, I forgot that they are mall rats too.

Islands Souvenirs made the “I love ___!” slogan nationwide! =) I think I might blog it if I collected at least 10 of these..
Shopping first before everything else! ❤

As a thriving blogger, this has been very convenient for me to splash into just about every imaginable activity that I can write about and I never expected that it can include malling, ahaha!

Appreciating the struggle, especially if I checked on fellow bloggers who have been blogging when I didn’t know anything about blogging at all. The awards, the statistics, the events they have attended, I honestly look at them as inspirations. I blog because I love to blog, it has been my coping tool and it destresses me in a special way. The likes and comments from people who are strangers to me are like fuels that brings me throttling to pursue my passion.

Luck is not on my side when our ferry schedule was moved from 11am to 2pm. It meant that I can no longer catch up with my appointment visiting Cobonpue’s showroom. =(

I am not the crying over spilled milk type of person so we just proceed with our shopping and dinner at Rica’s. The two boys didn’t even remember about the showroom. And I am not also there to sulk. I believe that there’ll always be a next time. And visiting places is one of my antidotes to boredom.

Visiting Rica’s, a 30 minute drive from our hotel, was truly worth it. I am sure the quirkiness of the place will be liked by the two boys. And more importantly, the list on the menu. =)

This is what we’ve had:

Focacia sticks as appetizer..
cheese cigar
It’s mozzarella inside.. =)
Lengua for me.. My son liked the escarole salad, he said the vinaigrette is good..
4 cheese
My son’s pizza, with 4 cheeses…
angus beef tapa
Tatty’s choice is the Angus beef tapa.. ideal for breakfast but fits supper too. The meat is very tender..
best seller
Best seller – Brazo de Mantecado..
2 thumbs up
2 thumbs up! =)
happy tummy

Oh well, we’re so full. Picture-taking is a must. I have been dreaming of the unique elevated chairs and that red figure.

Yey! ❤
red guy
Finally, I met him! =)

A little stroll here and there.

paseo 3
Father and son!
Mother and son!
paseo 2
The parents! lol!

While planning itinerary for the following day. As the night gets a little less younger, we opted to go back to the hotel and take a restful slumber, it was a day coming from Bohol via a ferry and tomorrow’s another day.

Boys, let’s call it a day! =)

The two are already sleeping when I craved for a mango shake. =)

Don’t miss the mango shake when you’re in Cebu! =)

We made sure to acquire the free breakfast our inn offered. I am super tired, so I asked them to go ahead. But the truth is, I wanted them to have time together since the trip was really meant for my son and his dad. And, another truth is, I wanted to have my “Me time”. So I had it until they came back to the room and planned to wake me up and were surprise that the room is empty. The two knows where to find me. And until they came, my “Me time” was already well spent and sufficient to last me a few more days. =)

bfast ko
My free breakfast.. =)
cofi ko
My coffee is free too. However, I suddenly craved for mango shake again. This time, I went for the green one.. Yum!
look up
Admired the eclectic vibe.. Varying lamps in all colors.
The boys are back.

We decided to go out lunch time. Visited the church, the museum, did one more round to shop.

Where our faith began..
Shirts for us..
key chains
Knick knacks for friends..
Sto. Nino de Cebu..
I wasn’t able to find out who are they.. =(
Our Lord Jesus Christ..
The altar..
Brought me back in time..
We wouldn’t wanna miss a part of history..

And headed to the mall to find a nice place for lunch. The three of us are starving. This is what we spotted.

chicahan sa cebu
Cute name..=)
beef chank
Beef is so tender and the gravy is similar to my favorite gravy from Pancake house..=)
Been a while since I had scallops..
We gotta have veggies! One of the best pinakbet I’ve tried..

And guess what, their rice (Jasmine I think), is unlimited. We consumed 2 whopping bowls! I was known to be Ms. rice..=)

Happy tummy!

For dessert we tried some cakes from Dessert Factory (which I will share with you in another blog) and I wouldn’t want to miss my daily doze of coffee, I got my usual cafe late not from Starbucks (the two boys freaked out upon seeing the queue, it’s like more than 20 people were falling in line to get their own doze of coffee too!). I found Krispy kreme just across so I took mine from there. 3 pax VS 20+ pax. I guess it saved me more than 30 minutes.

Next stop-Taboan market..

Then we head to Taboan market to buy dried fish. It took us a 30 minute taxi drive to reach the famous market. Cebu is known for their delicacies, this and dried mangoes. I got my mom a bracelet too.

Just in time, we need to be back to the hotel, packed-up and checked-in earlier for our flight back to Manila.

bye cebu
We had a pic with the Sto. Nino. =)
bye 3
We’re going home!
bye 2
I’m pretty sure they’re happy! I really hope so! (–,)

Because I am! (–,) I’ll be transparent, this trip sucked the hell out of me, drained my last drop of energy, (not to mention an almost 1 hour delayed flight back home and cost of staying in the lounge) not to mention the ferry ride (twice), but I truly enjoyed having these two men who explored a different world with me. I can only be grateful having them in this adventure.

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