BALAY INDANG, Finally..=)

Finally, Balay Indang…

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, however, only those who are true friends will stay…”

It has been months that we have been eyeing to spend one of our birthdays at this cozy locale in Cavite – Balay Indang. And due again to schedules that won’t meet, we had to postponed it, until finally, It is Theresa’s birthday this month of October, so we all agreed to do it at Balay Indang.

Chel to drive with 5 back-seat drivers!Lol!

Chel to drive with 5 back-seat drivers!Lol!

It is a less than 2 hour drive taking the new MCX, we went straight to Trese Martirez and after reaching the junction at Tagaytay, we turned right several times (Savemore and Mendez) and 30 minutes after, we’ve reached our destination.

Welcome arch is a tradition for me..

Welcome arch is a tradition for me..

The signage...

The signage…

Balay Indang is a 5-hectare lot of massive flora. I’ve mused on numerous rare species of very pretty flowers in all colors.

sweet violet

Sweet violet..


Teeny weenies..


Pretty pink!

violets 2

Violets and purples!

violets 3

Rule of thirds!

The orange petals blended with Theresa's blouse..Beautiful!

The orange petals blended with Theresa’s blouse..Beautiful!

Big and small trees with leaves in different shapes and varying shades of green. Being around it, nature per se, is truly beguiling. Like it was rendered by an artist in an all natural crisp palette that went well with the country-side like setting on this secluded part of Indang, Cavite.




Wishin’ to plunge!


Did we drop some coins?

It is a Bed and Breakfast destination meant for those who really needs peace and quiet or that so called R&R (rest and relaxation). Once you are there, as we were, it is just between the sound of silence or the sound of frolicking leaves.

Aaaw! They dedicated a room for us! Lol!

Aaaw! They dedicated a room for us! Lol!

Lanai ng Balay...

Lanai ng Balay…

Spanish era..Vigan tiles..

Spanish era..Vigan tiles..

Can't help but look up!

Can’t help but look up!

Cutie pie!

Cutie pie!

They also accommodate Retreat activities and the place is just so right. I just learned it later prompted by my wondering of seeing several Holy bibles in the area. There are 17 rooms, a pool, some gazebos, some cabanas, even a vast hall probably to hold events like birthdays and weddings for big groups.


Thanks to Anna for bringing her tri-pod…

feel at home


chel funny sit

The living room is huge..we had pictures from all corners..




One of our best shots!

The staff are friendly as expected, they will instantly greet you with an anticipated smile on their faces, and even if you are enjoying your own moment, you can’t help but greet them back. As I have been observing them, they all too must love their surroundings. I am amazed how positively genuine ardor can nature provide to anyone who see through its’ beauty. It reminds me of this famous saying: “May the force be with you.”

And so some force led us to the dining area. Lol! It’s time to make our tummies happy. It was a long trip anyway.





It's hers next month..=)

It’s hers next month..=)



Lunch time..=)

Lunch time..=)

So this is what we feasted on:

In less than 10 minutes... our food were served...

In less than 10 minutes… our food were served…

Fried rice with teeny weeny bits of

With teeny weeny carrot bits...

With teeny weeny carrot bits…

Chicken – Inasal style.

Chicken - Inasal style..

Chicken – Inasal style..

Oatmeal coated shrimp balls was the winner on the table.

Winner! (--,)

Winner! (–,)

Among those on the spread, the green salad is my personal favorite. I especially love their vinaigrette, the mixture worked for me and I guess with everyone else too.

Greens! =)

Greens! =)

Beef Caldereta. Flavorful and tender.

Loved the chorizos here..

Loved the chorizos here..

Gising-gising is another chance for us to have vegees. =) (Oh my, I don’t have a picture of it!)

Baked Cream dory in cheese.

Baked in Parmesan cheese..

Baked in Parmesan cheese..

And pancit (for the celebrant’s long prosperous life) utilizing sotanghon instead of the typical bijon.

Pancit sotanghon for Tere's long & prosperous life! (--,)

Pancit sotanghon for Tere’s long & prosperous life! (–,)

We had fresh Dalandan juice, we consumed a number of pitchers.

Thirst quenching, not too sweet for me..

Thirst quenching, not too sweet for me..

And a very soft maja for dessert.

Happy birthday Tere! =)

Happy birthday Tere! =)

at rest

Happy tummies!

at res wdo tere

Where’s birthday girl?

Total of six sissies!

Total of six sissies!

Bday girl's is the biggest one! ehehe

Bday girl’s is the biggest one! ehehe

The talks were non-stop, from while traveling, eating, taking photos at every chance, laughter in between. Even inside the loo. Even jump shots!

Mirrors became our favorite too..

Mirrors became our favorite too..

One of my favorites! This certainly

One of my favorites! This certainly “Look up” mode!

Vintage mirror..

Vintage mirror..

And this doll! Ahaha!

And this doll! Ahaha!

Fun side of these two..=)

Fun side of these two..=)


Ahahaha! Opted to do this until we can!

May relo ba jan? lol!

May relo ba jan? lol!

watch tower

Watch tower! #asanangrelo

And we were like kids during the 30 minute trek, wandering and wondering. It is doubtlessly moments created out of sterling friendship.

Bday girl! <3

Bday girl! ❤

Our photos might have give justice to it.

Happy birthday Theresa!!! Now we’re all looking forward to (Jhona) our youngest’s bash, where and when we will do it, is yet to be known. #excited

Our friendship has always been one of our life's greatest blessings!

Our friendship has always been one of our life’s greatest blessings!


We wouldn’t want another group chats reaching 400 plus messages. Lol!


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