South – bound road trip…

South – bound road trip…

“A friend loves at all times.”
~proverbs: 17:17~

The youngest in our group celebrated her birthday last November 10.

Jhona! <3 <3 <3


As a tradition, we have to treat the celebrant to a place of her choice. Rachel, celebrated at Yakimix (Alabang town center), Essie at Bellevue Hotel (Alabang), we did mine at Romulo cafe (Azumi Hotel – Alabang), Anabelle had hers at Torch (Greenbelt, Makati)  and we did Theresa’s at Balai Indang (Cavite). In all fairness, on top of the planning stage, trying to fit in with everyone’s schedules, Jhonna – our youngest, opted for the nearest restaurant when she was the one who’s eager to go farther due to everyone’s hectic schedules come November. Since we all wanted her to be happy, we suggested to go south-bound, without any specific destination. It’s gonna be a “Road trip” literally. Jhona calls it “vroom vroom!”

We ended up being the one who’s happy because she surprised us by bringing us to Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

padre pio

That’s a statue of Padre Pio, I first met him at Festival mall in Alabang. =)


In front of the church..


Looks like a “Fountain of youth” for me. I literally wiped the flowing water on my face! ahaha! But in reality, it was believed to be miraculous and hundreds of visitors daily flock the place..


You can bring it home if you want.

She also brought us to this old church – St. Bartolomew. 

Built at 1938..

Built at 1938..

And the underground cemetery both of which are located in Nagcarlan.

underground cem

Honestly, it scares me. Good thing it is undergoing repair at that time. ehehe



And her last-minute request was to have lunch at “Sulyap Gallery cafe”.

My second peek at "Sulyap"..=)

My second peek at “Sulyap”..=)


Knowing the place, I had this feeling that they will surely have fun times as I did when I first saw it. They specifically loved the Kulao (banana blossoms in coconut milk), the Pako salad and the Pancit habhab. It was a satisfying spread for us topping it with crepe and turon ala mode.

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl!

The spread!

The spread!

with bomber pa din

Happy tummies!


Thank you Mr. Waiter for taking our pic!


One more!

my sissya

And another one from me!

spread 2

Everyone was full..

Happy birthday Jhona!

Happy birthday Jhonna!

“Turon” in the Philippines is a dessert which resembles banana fritters in other countries.

Ube flavor! =)

Ube flavor! =)

Time for dessert! =)

Time for dessert! =)

I think the crepe juxtapose that “All Filipino” dishes we feasted on. We didn’t mind, we needed something sweet after that “I need to adjust my belt” lunch that we’ve had.

We went to the Museum too!

with the batchaas

With the antique palanggana..


Don’t you think we have an angel or a fairy perhaps? Something is always sparkling somewhere..=)




Scrutinizing the authenticity of each item and interviewing the tour guide all at once.. No flash is allowed as it affects the antiquity of the furniture. At 43, we’re still learning.



hvn fun at the

The function hall..


The museum’s collage courtesy of Ana..=)


Antiques… Photos courtesy of Ana..=)

We went to the Orchard too!

Jhona's peek!

Jhonna’s peek!

may bomber

Had fun capturing this!


Til next year. They agreed to go back during harvest time of Rambutan…

ana n chel

Anna and Chel…


Beaut and Chel..

behind sulyap

We need a picture of us 6 before leaving..=)

I must say it was she who made us happy, but knowing her, I’m pretty sure she was happy too because she made (us) her sisters happy.

We even bought “Buko pie” when we passed by Los Banos, Laguna.

This friendship had endured all kinds of weather. And I think, no storm can break it apart anymore. However grouchy anyone can get, at the end of the day, looking at each others’ faces.

These are the faces we’ve been with for the last 28 years. The faces of friends in every sense of the word. And with these faces comes the
gratefulness and realization, that we’re here to stay. It was a bond which eventually became our realm.

christmas at sulyap

Christmas decors at Sulyap are of indigenous materials..

Had fun indeed!

28 years and counting!

Our next destination? Bulacan! We’re visiting Ana’s mansion. We’re
celebrating our Christmas party and Thanksgiving for this beautiful year that was!

Hello 2016!


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