GERRY’s Grill… Tatak Pinoy =)

Gerry’s Grill… Tatak Pinoy!

I had this urge to blog about Gerry’s Grill. They have been serving the Filipinos since the late 1990s. They opened their pilot branch on Valentines’ day and the rest was history.

When it comes to the staple Filipino dishes, Gerry’s is normally on top of the list. It is affordable. And their place isn’t hard to find. As they are mostly everywhere.

They have branches in the USA, Qatar and in Singapore. And they are in all over Visayas, Mindanao and Luzon.

Guests flock their place. Recently, we waited for an hour to be sitted. I even wondered if there are no more other choices than to wait for almost an hour when there are thousands of restaurants in Manila?

Well, for one, the waiting time is truly worth it. Let me count the ways. The staff of Gerry’s are very-friendly. They dont’ mind being called on for several times when guests will ask for this, for that, etc.

Maybe, it is part of their training, the Filipino hospitality – intact. Maybe, this is what they are known for. Good service. There are more than 50 branches in the country.

And their food. They didn’t change a bit all these years!

For the draft of this blog, I have accumulated different photos in several and different occasion. I just wondered why I didn’t have a photo of the famous “Bulalo” and the “Crispy pata”. As these have been a top lister when ordering entrees from Gerry’s. They are also famous for their “Binagoongang rice”.

The Crispy pata is actually one of the first that I have tried before. However, it was Sisig that became my favorite. Originally, Sisig is supposed to be just an appetizer. But it tastes so good, piquant in taste, so it is normally paired with rice and is best with their different soups. The Bulalo (beef shank soup) & the Sinigang (tamarind soup using either pork, or beef and/ or fish). Even with the Pinakbet, I specially love it being paired with the Sisig. So here are some of their offerings:

Tatak Pinoy..

I have to grab a photo from I must have been so engrossed after being served with their Kare-kare. I totally forgot about taking its’ picture.

Courtesy of:

This one I tried when I craved for the scallops I get from Vismin. This is good, though the cheese toppings competed with the natural taste of the scallops. I like it best baked only in butter and garlic.

baked scallops
Baked scallops…

So here’s the super famous, not just with me, but to everyone I think. =)

Famous sisig… I think this is one of their best sellers..

Once we partnered the Crispy pata with Laing. And seriously, it is a great medley. Laing is a specialty dish from Bicol.

Laing! (–,)

Recently, I tried something I haven’t tried before. The chicken kebab.

chix kebab
Chicken kebab..

And when everyone is having beer, I tried their fresh mango juice.

mango juice
Everyone’s drinking beer. But me and my son opted for fresh mango juice..=)

And a dessert aside from banana caramel. Their banana split.

bnana split
Well… in exchange of the beer. We had our dessert..=)

There are several branches that I’ve visited. My favorite is the one in Tagaytay. Probably, because me and my mom were with my late father then. The place initiated a niche in my heart for my dad. I had to bring him then to Gerry’s per his request. Mom wants it at Josephine’s. But papa then was the boss! =)

So if you haven’t tried it at Gerry’s. Please do. It is truly “Tatak Pinoy!” =) Everything is delicious! =)

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