Picture, picture on the wall!

Picture, picture on the wall!

A good photograph is knowing where to stand.
~ansel adams~

Jen, my ever loyal foodie cum travel buddy often collects my photos. And once she noticed a specific pose and collected dozens of it which prompted me to come up with a blog entitled: “Sitting pretty.”

She studied Basic Photography out of her love for taking photos, especially mine. ahaha!

With all her vagaries, she came up and introduced to me another idea. She has collected my photos, standing behind nice walls. She was also the one who gave its’ title: “Picture, picture on the wall”.

She has spotted several walls already before giving me the idea. And included them in her Bucket list. I can’t help but just agree. I just love her idea!

sm tuna

On this wall! =) – 2015..

wall 2

Loved this instantly! However, there were passers-by and I pretended to be just texting. Then my friend took a pic of me! =) – 2014..

bay leaf

After one of the nicest lunch I’ve had! – 2015..

is ds a wall nagsasa ahaha

Is this a wall? lol!, 2014..


Clark air base, Pampanga, 2016..

This is in Rockwell, Makati.

This is in Rockwell, Makati, 2014..

At Commerce center..

At Commerce center, 2016..


Before watching the play at Solaire, 2016.

Resorts World, 2010..

Resorts World, 2010..

They call it vertical garden.

And they say not to cross your arms.

And they say not to cross your arms. #testosteronevscortisol


At Pinto Art Museum.. The inserted photo is a tree where the leaves on that wall came from..



At Costa coffee..

I got so inspired by the process, I initially came up with only a few, but with so much excitement, I am pretty sure this will have its’ 6th and I shall continue counting.

Thanks buddy! =)


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