Laughter is the BEST medicine!

Laughter is the BEST medicine!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”.  


Seeing moments like these made me smile the whole day.

And I certainly agree with Mr. Charlie Chaplin that a day without laughter is a wasted day.

It all boils down to one important thing in life. It is to focus on the positive, look on the brighter side of life and any weight will be lighter. More so, laugh till you drop over something funny but not to the expense of others of course. Be it a giggle or a belly chuckle, it definitely makes our day.

As several studies say, it makes our heart healthy, it can even help us burn calories like kissing! It produces more anti-bodies, and laughing dilates our blood vessels thus aids in lowering blood pressure. It reduces pain, relieves tensed muscles, stimulates our organs and reduces our stress hormones.

And honestly, I am more inclined to linger with people who has great humor. I get to learn loving them so easily. =) It is so light to be around them. However bad you feel, people with humor tends to instantly lighten up your mood. Especially the ones who are good at convincing you that it is best to be happy than sulk. You will laugh right away seeing their efforts to convince you. The friendship that unfolds is far more enduring when there are more happy times spent together.

Don’t you agree that there is no other pleasure than making other people happy? I can only be grateful with these people who made me laugh while crying. ahaha! I mean, during my lowest times, there are people capable enough to turn negative into positive.

A genuine laughter if you notice is even contagious. So you are not just the one who is happy but the people around you as well. So go ahead, laugh out loud! It doesn’t hurt and is even beneficial in the long run. =)

laughter 6
Oh, I could not even recall why are we laughing here..
laughter 1
This circle of mine are really happy people. All the few times we get together, there will always be genuine fun and laughter. =)
laughter 2
At another time with my highschool friends..
laughter 3
And another with the same group..
laughter 4
I really have difficulties in containing myself is something is funny..=p
laughter 5
Like here..

We cant help but laugh because the wind is so strong, the umbrella could have taken us up and away!jayne

We cant help but laugh because the wind is so strong, the umbrella could have taken us up and away!

wd pam 2
With my college best friend..
wd pam
With her again in another occasion..
Even at work! ehehe
While having snacks with my son’s best buddy..

Stay happy! If possible, daily! =)

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