Te Amo Cafe & Restaurant

Te Amo Cafe & Restaurant

life too short
Courtesy of: http://quotesgram.com/coffee-and-sweatpants-quotes/#lFnNkjW9iw

Coffee is a part of my system. As I was searching for new coffee shops in our area. Since the nearest known coffee shops like Gloria Jeans, Starbucks, Figaro, Seattle’s best, Coffee bean & tea leaf is less than an hour travel from my place. I’m referring to Alabang. And If you’re driving, you’ll save 30 minutes due to the fact that you will be obliged to take the short cut via the express way. Still, it is not that near when the craving got into me.

As Jen and I were searching for it in the internet (she automatically became my coffee buddy too). We became proud to give verdicts on all those that we visited. We aren’t experts, however, comparing the taste of this from that allows us to appreciate that this or that is better than the other. We establish our favorites too. Those that are worth coming back since we opted to always try what is new.

It became a habit to unravel countless food spots in our country, as there too many. One evening, she came across “Death by chocolate”, a coffee variant of a certain coffee shop which happens to be located in San Pedro Laguna. Seeing its’ photo, it was like a form of a very effective advertising campaign that whoever will see it will definitely find it to try it for real.

crazy shake
Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/TeAmoCafe.SPL/photos_stream

So one weekend we opted to check it out and it was a funny thing when we asked the barker (dispatcher) of that village if how can we get to “Te Amo Cafe”. Little did we know that it is just a stone throw away from the national highway. It was hilarious. We thought we still need to make another ride while it’s just walking distance from the highway. We can’t stop laughing while the barker used his hand to point us the direction.

I never thought that it is just a very small cafe, they only extended their capacity to sit guests by providing some tables Al fresco.

Their place is very strategic, very easy to find.
Aaaw, my pets not allowed..
te amo
How I love Calligraphy!

In photos, it looked big, enough to accommodate more than 20 guests.

Their counter.. “Pay as you order” theme.
i love it
Wall in orange spells happiness. I saw another somewhere.
Hmmmn, I have a feeling the owner loves cats and dogs..
torani prod
The ever famous Torani..
It must be good. Everyone is using it.. Well, almost.

This is where I saw a folded umbrella shade which was supposed to be a joke when we saw this pic from Facebook.

patio umbrellas
Courtesy of : realfunny.net
me with the umbrella
Al fresco..
Menu board..
menuboard 2
Guests are well-guided as menus are literally everywhere..
We’re going back to try a lot!
Students meal..=)

So Jen got the famous “Death by chocolate”.

Top view first..
jens 2
What can you say about it?=)

I had my caramel latte.

mine 3
Mine is simple..
Though I like it as well.
mine 2
Without too much on it.

We just had nachos since most of their items in the menu are rice base. The reason behind this is that most of their customers are students.

It was good. The tortillas are lightly flavored. The cheese sauce is rich and creamy. And there are lots of tomatoes too.
utensils dish
I loved this dish where they placed our utensils..
Their Quesadillas deserve a second one..

Although they have pastries too.

Not too much and not too few choices..
pancake te amo
Like they have pancakes too! =) For our breakfast club..(–,) Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/TeAmoCafe.SPL/photos_stream


jen ulet
Relaxed mode..

It was such a good find. Just 10 minutes away from home. And we were served by very nice fellows who are very friendly, they are with smiles when they talk, very courteous in assisting all through out our stay there. They know their best sellers as well and are good in talking sales.

And free WIFI..

What else can you ask? =)

jen and me
Coffee addicts!
menu 3
Check it out!
menu 1
I’m gonna try the Turkey franks! =)
menu 2
Isn’t it so tempting?

This particular whim usually happens on weekends when everything else is lighter. There are a lot of issues on my coffee consumption but this is like combating a paradox. Why let them disrupt this ritual? To each his own.

It is good to know too, that cafes offering artisanal coffees recently proliferate in our town, I must say, I spotted another on my way home a few days ago.

Te Amo Cafe & Restaurant is located at:

# 10 Maharlika drive United San Pedro Subdivision, 4023 San Pedro, Laguna. You can contact them at: 887 4292.

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