Maestro Fedeli Cafe..

Maestro Fedeli Cafe – Second time around…
When I think of coffee. I think of the food I want to have to pair it with. I think of the place too where I am going to get it. I think of the chairs where I am gonna sit and sip. Chairs to us matter guys! A lot! Mine should have milk on it. 
maestro 2
Yep, I am!
maestro 1
And yes I do!
Mine always have latte on it..
But have you noticed that chairs in coffee shops or restaurants in general are intended to be not too comfy? I just noticed it. Is it a standardized thing to make it that way so as not to encourage lingering, in this way, more guests can be accommodated. 
We won’t fit in here. Good for 2 pax only..
driftwood turned sofa
I loved how they came up with a bench out of driftwood..
native and revolving
And a revolving chair cum stool with back rest such as this..
I also think of the mug where it’s poured. I appreciate these little things. In retrospect. Always. More so, I think of the people I’m having them with. Czarina is the nearest thing to my heart next to my biological son. She is one of my son’s best friend. He brought me to her. Along with his exes! lol!
I learned to love them. Or they are easy to love. Their being carefree, I didn’t mind. I’ve been there. The good thing about it is that I instantly acquire daughters by heart without me rearing them in my tummy for nine long months. They are already big and God made me feel what’s it like having one. I see and felt one with Cha. 
Cha would not fail to kill me with her sweetness. Jen and I opted to bring her to Maestro Fedeli.
signage 2
They recently transferred.
They are so easy to find, or I just grew up in the area.

I promised her that we’re leaving after lunch on this particular lazy Saturday afternoon. And she was literally thumping her right after we had lunch and kept asking “Are we leaving?” She’s such a baby. 

We heard Maestro transferred to a bigger space so all wanted to check it out. We had our usual. Nachos, choco chip, Oreo chip, beef sandwich, and my blueberry cheesecake which now comes as a whole. It used to be per slice of a bigger whole. And higher by P50.00. 
our coffee
Mine is caramel frap, Cha’s choco chip and Jen’s has chocolates on it too..
beef sandwich
Beef sandwich.. bland to look at.. though it was good.
our food
Mine of course is the cheesecake… though we shared on the nachos and sandwich..
bake mac
Baked mac..=)
Oreo chip cheesecake..
red velvet cookie
Red velvet cookie..
display chiller
We missed the chocolate cake… There’s always a next time..
display chiller 2
They have salads and pastas too..
The interior and exterior is nicer, I’ve been looking for that photo of a pretty girl drinking coffee, I must assume it’s on the second floor. As we opted to stay outside.
watering can
chalk art
Chalk board art..
Left facade..
Front facade..
look up
Can’t help but admire this simple vintage lamps..
mason jar as lamps
And the mason jars they utilized to light the exterior area..
“Peace to all who enter here..”
“Tampipi” is a native Filipino bag/ back pack..
this from old shop
Saw this at their old branch..
We were so full, both our stomachs and our souls. As young as she is, Cha can be as deep. Jen and I are also simultaneously collating all the ideas we can get from their shop. We kept comparing all the nachos we’ve tried and voted for our favorites. 
Too pricey for me.. as there are no meat on it..
We almost didn’t want the day (or night) to end. But there are obligations even on weekends. 
What’s special in here is we were able to bond. Two souls from different generations made my heart bigger and my soul younger.
I can only be grateful. In a few minutes, I’d be back to reality. Till then. Maestro Fedeli is located at: 7th street, Pacita complex, San Pedro, Laguna. 

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