CAFE MACARON at The Raffles Hotel

Cafe Macaron at Raffles Hotel

On Purple Wings

Cafe Macaron at The Raffles Hotel 

“The best things in life are sweet.”

For a recent non-work related activity that I squeezed-in over a very busy weekend, we were able to spot this new cafe and enjoyed our favorite pastries while being awed with the interiors of the hotel. How I wish to spend a night here soon. I was taking photos at every corner like a tourist and passers-by are acknowledging it as if they are also admiring its’ beauty. =)

tres Fresh orchids – in pink, yellow and violet! (–,)

chands Can’t help it!

violet Cherry blossoms!

There are artworks too!

abstract An abstract..

synch Sculptures..

jars Giant vases were a a focal point too..

filipinas And a painting depicting Filipinas..

So after the activity, off we rushed to the nearest cafe, the two of us had croissants, dessert, our liquid doze of nicotine and of course macarons at Cafe Macaron situated at the…

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