let’s try our best to see the beauty in everything

Train your eyes to see the beauty in every little thing.

Debasish Mridha

I am posting these photos to express my fondness that despite of what’s going on in this world, there are different ways to see it and the better attitude to absorb it. Please do check them out! =)


True enough, we all know that 2020 hadn’t been that good to most of us. But since we were given the right to choose, what would be our choice? To sulk? To absorb all the negativities knowing its’ effect in our body and soul, or to look away from it? And be grateful for all that we are, what we have, what we do not have, what this experience can make out of us when we become our best versions.

Sending love and prayers via these photos (I found them very cute and creative) to you guys wherever you are in this world. Please always remember to practice safety protocols. And hold fast to that hope that better days are yet to come.

It is indeed a little different, a little sad too, still, I am wishing Happy Christmas to all and praying that whatever the New Year will bring, we can all revert and face each new day with love in our hearts. With the comfort of knowing that there is a God who truly cares for us.

Let’s just keep moving forward! =) These are just setbacks, let’s not let them derail us and lose our focus! Cheers to 2021! =)

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