*Beaut is someone who’s so much fascinated with anything violet, pink and red*She can stay in her kitchen and loves to cook for her loved ones*She loves the garden too*And writing*And reading*And designing*And color scheming*And travelling*And Scrapbooking*And Broadway*And just like everyone else*She loves photography*Inclined and mesmerized by spiral staircases*lighthouses*windmills*Rainbows(twins)*tin cans*paisleys*Butterflies*Anything vintage*A flower lover*A coffee lover*And will forget everything over some slices (Take note! not just one slice) of blueberry cheesecake*Played several roles all her life: Daughter, Mother, Sister or the BFF (Or girlfriend) you never had*Lipstick and powder will do and sprintz of favorite scent*And anything but comfy*She once read a quote saying that everything around us?we can make beautiful.And I believed so.*Ultimately, she’s dreaming big time to publish her book and have her own coffee shop in her hometown which she will name:Beaut’s Cafe*

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