Awesome Twosome in Singapore

Awesome Twosome in Singapore… 

“Happiness is real, only when shared.”

Our trip to Singapore took us almost a year of planning. When to go, where to stay, whom to tag, what to wear in big time excitement. It was our first time to travel together. Me and my soul buddy. It was also our first time to missed a flight.

Waiting for the next flight...

It was just good to know that my soul sis is good at sprinkling positive vibes amidst tough times. We were about to cry when the guard told us that we do not have any choice but to wait for the next flight. It meant 4 hours and a few hundred dollars.

We reached Singapore late afternoon. We roamed at Marina and had dinner in Burger king with their American size burger, that honestly we can’t consume.

Had we known,it's this big,we cud have shared in one!

It was funny that the condiments were on display and you can get as many as you can, I can’t help but hoard. ahahaha! After then, we strolled and explored Esplanade like kids.

We passed by the Furlton hotel and Clark Quay

sg 2


clark quay

We had our picture taken by a group of Filipinos with Merlion behind our backs. As planned we had dinner at Clark Quay. And the whole time, I had a hard time in pronouncing the “Quay” part. Ehehe…

clark quay 1

We were transfixed and didn’t stop until we get to capture this building with lights changing its’ colors after a few seconds. It was amazing.

This is in in fuchsia which matched my pink shirt at that time. It was such a pretty site.

d4.My favorite shot!
My all time favorite color!
Don't you agree? (--,)
And blue… =)

My buddy was able to get reservation from Penang Hotel, it isn’t a grand hotel, yet its’ clean, the white sheets are crisp, our bathroom is equipped with hot and cold shower, personalized soap, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. Expectations met if not surpassed. There are enough maps in the lobby which I hoarded not as our guide but for me to cut and paste for my scrapbook.  The hotel is at the heart of the city.

Day 2, we maximized by reaching Jurong, Sentosa, Raffles and Chimes.

I learned why they are pink. Flamingos feed on red shells leaving their skin pinkish as they grow.

Strike a pose.
One rainy afternoon.

sg 3

Night Safari. =)

We were able to squeezed in to check the malls,

Singapore feb27-mar2,2007 182

and find time to visit a church along the way.

Singapore feb27-mar2,2007 174

My buddy’s turf being a traveler is making itineraries. Chimes according to some blog is full of life during the night, you wouldn’t believe, it used to be a convent.

gimikan sa singapore-chijmes-formerly a convent!

Day 3 is our final day to hop from one place to another. We went to Butterfly park, had coffee at Starbucks, ride on the cable car,

Singapore feb27-mar2,2007 207

met a high school friend and dined together at Newton.

sg 5

sg 4

With 2 of my closest friends! Malet n Jayne!

We intended to visit Malaysia by bus, but we drop it as we do not want to miss another flight again.

It was such a gratifying experience, what made it prettier was our astonishment that the place is so clean and so orderly, there was no traffic jam, because vehicles are limited, besides, it is unnecessary to some since the people are well provided by the government of a very systematic commuting scheme.

Buses are coded, some are even decked, there are subways (card can be acquired with sensors that can be easily read by the machine) and voila! No need to fall in line just to buy your ticket! My favorite station is Dhoby Ghaut, I don’t know why it sticks in my mind. There are enough cabs, commuting is truly stress-free and walking had been a way of life. Walking is safe and enjoyable in Singapore.

We noticed too that they are very fashionable, they do layerings, they use colors smartly, trendy shoes and bags and blings are a staple. Singapore is worth re-visiting.

It is such a small country with all the things any traveler will enjoy. It felt like dragging our feet to the airport. It was nice seeing you – Singapore! I would love to go back again! ❤