CAFE ROMULO at Azumi Hotel

Cafe Romulo at Azumi Hotel

“It takes a long time to grow young.” ~Pablo Picasso~

My 43rd birthday celebration with my high school friends was a blast. I no longer celebrate my birthday at home where everyone or all of my friends are invited.

I enjoy the times more celebrating intimately in small groups. I already did with my friends from previous jobs, with my family, at work, with my college besties, and this time, with my friends for the longest time. My high school friends.


They have a strong presence in my life even if physically we are distances apart. The friendship has a vast connection. And it’s quite good to have a group who’s an ally. Sometimes challenging and that’s what makes this relationship gets stronger as years passed.


Without a doubt, we will be celebrating more birthdays in the coming years until we can, because it’s been more than 20 years, time flying so fast and maybe before we know it, we can no longer afford going out to see each other.

lobby 2.jpg
Missing Anna here… This is one of my favorite pictures of us!=)

We’ve taken out pretty much other groups that usually ends or break apart eventually. For some reasons that we always thought none would occur in our case. This year, the celebrant will decide where to do it and the group will treat her. I chose Cafe Romulo, the one in Alabang, which was good since it’s nearer to most of them.







bday ko 2

It was funny if I may call it that way, that everyone were recently diagnosed with different illness (except me). At 43, my blood sugar, my blood pressure, my bad cholesterol count are all normal. While the rest of them is literally watching their diets. And so we had the healthy options.

Pink salmon “sinigang” (tamarind soup), “gising-gising” (a dish that’s composed of vegees in coconut milk) and for my heart’s content. We had “kare-kare” with a twist. It is not the usual tripe or pork leg or hock. It is seafood “kare-kare”. It has shrimps, mussels, crabs and squid rings on it. It comes with the house bagoong (shrimp paste). This is usually paired with kare-kare, as if asking what’s “kare-kare” without the bagoong?

Much to our excitement, we weren’t able to take photos of what we ordered, I just borrowed some pictures as I do not have any intention to blog this event, however, on second thoughts, Cafe Romulo is worth sharing.

We definitely enjoyed the sinigang sa miso. It was a healthy treat for us. The tangy sour taste is just right. And both the fish and veggies are fresh.

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The seafood kare-kare is just equally rich. The peanut butter sauce is creamy and tasty. Veggies are topped to retain its’ freshness.

seafood kare
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Gising-gising is a unique dish and is very simple to prepare. Gising-gising is “wake-up” in English. Probably it is because of it’s spiciness. My friends even planned to do it at home.

gising gising
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After which, we ordered our coffee, and surprisingly I had to accept the huge importance of blowing your birthday candle as they bought me one of the cakes in their chiller.

The celebration was relatively short, deep and funny topics on so many levels, but having them and being with them has always been a blessing that I’ll always be thankful for.

Happy birthday to me!





I have tried these from Cafe Romulo from another occasion, their dessert, fried suman with coconut syrup. I would have to borrow my son’s description if he happens to like something, he calls it heaven. =)

shanghai cafe romulo
Shanghai rolls…=)

Cafe Romulo is in the following locations:

– #32 Scout Tuason cor. Sct. Dr. Lazcano, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. You may call them at: 332-7275

– 148 Jupiter St. corner Comet St., Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila. Phone: 478-6406

– G/F Azumi Boutique Hotel, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City Phone: 556-1443