Hog’s Breath Cafe…

“What is life but one grand adventure…”

If you are fearless and is open into trying anything new to you, specifically those that are new to your taste, which I tried learning when I used to stick with my own favorites. Though, gone are those days, since blogging requires, trying out new things. Most of the time.

I have been craving for pizza more often than usual for the past days. My cheaper doze of S&R pizzas didn’t normally occur at work due to my being lazy to cross and walk and fall in line since it is often peak at S&R Shaw during lunch-time. They have been a favorite place for quick lunches nowadays.

Upon seeing “Hog’s Breath cafe” in Alabang, it’s a steakhouse, and we had this feeling right away that this could be a restaurant from another country who opted to branch out here in the Philippines.

ala 1
Zomato..happy? sad? happy! =)

And as we were checking on the menu. Surely it is. I inquired from this very courteous attendant (Trained for Hogspitality) about their origin, and yes, the original branch is in Australia. I immediately asked her, d’you have pizzas? And she replied “Oh sure, we have!” and showed us the page where the pizzas are listed. And we entered their entrance right away.

A few hints where indeed pretty obvious when our orders arrived because we can smell it, is that it is spicy. We forget to request doing it mild and light though I have my foodie buddy to enjoy it. Her palate enjoys the combination of all that there is: sweet, sour, salty and yes, spicy finish.

It’s just half past 4pm, it’s still snack-time, so we only had their deep-fried potato skins which happens to be a delight to the eyes. It comes with chili con carne fillings and topped with previously I thought were ricotta cheese but they’re sour cream, with chives and cheese too. It comes with crispy vegees (Romaine lettuce & shaved carrots) in light vinaigrette. Pretty presentation.

ala 6
Deep-fried potato skins…

We were tempted to try their nachos, however, it only comes in a very big size, which according to the attendants is good for 2-3 persons. I guess we will just come back for it some other time. We are eyeing to dine in one of these restaurants in the evening to personally see the beauty of the garden which Filinvest came up with some months ago. Or probably, choose a day with an event as they also have their amphitheater fronting this new block.

Then, we had pizza, the one that they recommended. They’re best seller. Boss hogs Supreme.

Boss’ hogs supreme…

This one struck us as very spicy too. I didn’t know that Aussies loved spicy food. The menu featured several dishes that has this particular flavor. It matches best my buddy’s taste. And not much with me since my threshold for them is kinda low. Eversince. While the dough is chewy and we later learned that they personally prepare their pizza doughs.

The owner collected these plates from Australia.

ala 2

ala 3

ala 12

ala 11

ala 7
And framed typographys too..

I again searched for Stella Artois, and yes, again, they run out of stock. Instead, they offered the non-alcoholic mojito.

ala 9
Easy on the budget for beer drinkers..=)
ala 13
No Stellas..

ala 4

ala 10

The cumin flavor is distinct (often present in Mexican cuisines) both in the pizza and potato skins, but I had to complement the dough. Nothing beats home-made doughs. =)

Here are the rest of the items from their menu.

The Steaks

Best sellers…

The appetizers


The salads


Their specialties


Burgers and wraps too

I will get one of those soon..

From the sea

I can “Sea” food! =)

Some Sweets


All menus courtesy of:


That’s not just about it. they have a line for kiddies. Soon we will try their 18 hour slow cooked succulent prime rib steaks.

Hog’s Breath cafe is located at: Unit B3 Filinvest River park, Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

ala 8
Hogspitality in here..