Feel at home at Mary Grace Cafe

Feel at home at Mary Grace Cafe

“It’s hard to find this kind of home at this price anywhere in the city.” -Elizabeth Wood- 

Mary Grace is that type of restaurant that is so rustic and homey. It reminds me of a souvenir shop back in college days: Papemelroti. Mary Grace is the restaurant version.

I have first frequented their branch in Alabang. Their specialty are home-made goodies. Like I said before, ATC is one of my second homes. Later, they put up one in Serendra, a lot bigger and daintier. They have more than 10 branches so far.

What I like most about them are as follows:

*The way they encourage their clients to write a missive or two and keep them under the glass top of their dining tables. It was fun reading them.

So thoughtful!

My friend’s daughter wrote them one and she’s so sweet telling them how she love their cakes.. It is interactive and very positive.


*The slices of lemons in their house water pitchers

*The inspirational quotes they mount on their walls

Over good friends…

*Country-side knick knacks that creates a homey feel

*And my personal favorite:combination of pasta carbonara and apple pie.


apple pie
And this equally tasty apple pie…=) I especially love the crumbs..

I used to buy “to go” apple pies in their kiosk at Glorietta Mall though if dining in, I get my pasta in white sauce ( with unlimited toppings of parmesan cheese much more than I wish).

Pasta Carbonara..

Through the years, it became a habit. My college buddies would not miss the cheese rolls (It is so soft to the bite, and one of my friends consume it in less than a minute!Lol!) and lemon bars too.

Courtesy of: CafeMaryGrace/photos/pb.111676555513146.-2207520000.1421420280./980376605309799/?type=3&theater

I’d still go for my apple pies! (–,) It reminded me of “Troubles”, a small restaurant that we go to at University mall. I was college then. Same friends. It was definitely a favorite.

Try the “To die for” chocolate truffle cake!

mary grace
Chocolate truffle cake!

While I am at Mary Grace. I kept on smiling. I am reminded of so many beautiful thoughts. Nope, I’m not inches away to being crazy to smile at nothing. It is that feeling of contentment. As I’ve said before. Good food, good ambiance with good friends are one of life’s treasures. It makes you feel grateful that you are living a sweet life.

I also find their comfort rooms pretty and very comforting too. It reminds me of Cafe Juanita. =)

Mary Grace will always be one of my favorite restaurants even if there are numerous new ones that are “must trys” too, it’s like a habit that’s so hard to break.

ensaimada 2


And the famous mamon! =)
mary grace
Bread & soup: one of my favorites.

Not only it’ll give you comfort food but comfort while dining at the same time. =)

It reminds me of an old friendship too. My highschool bestfriends’ little sisters’ name is Mary Grace. We call her “Gigi”. The thoughts of these two girls draws a smile on my face too.