MATI’s meat and bread…

Be curious. Read widely. TRY NEW THINGS. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.”-Aaron Swartz-


I’ve heard it before. Foodie buddy is craving again. This time (or most of the time). She is craving for spaghetti! And what better way to satiate her is to do leg work instead of seeking help from Google.

Besides, in the Philippines, it never failed to astound me to realize that there is no shortage when it comes to gastronomical local delights. I am absolutely sure I will find one for her. Kidding aside, I told her that I’ll just bring her to the nearest Mac Donalds. And she also jokingly replied that she prefers Jollibee’s spaghetti because the chunks of hotdogs are bigger. What a way to differentiate? Ahaha!

There are immeasurable ways to please a friend or a loved-one. Living up to the tag-line:”The hunt for the best spaghetti in town”. The nearest we thought of is Old Spaghetti house in Festival mall. A 30 minutes drive from our house. From where we parked. We spotted several new restaurants which were in queue and one caught our attention. Or should I say a new kid on this new block. This extension didn’t happen only after several years. T’was good to know the nearest mall is currently doin’ several renovations probably keeping up with the others.

I am relatively a not so fast walker as if walking has always been like “a walk in the park” for me. So we were able to trim down choices from the new block like what we did when we first discovered Molito (also in Alabang).

We ended up at Mati’s. It is noticeably distinct from the rest of the establishments in that new block due to the expanse floor to ceiling glass walls that allows you to see the interiors. Like a muse standing out from the rest. Upon entrance a huge menu board written in chalks surprised me!

A huge menu board is so cool! =)

And seeing their menu per item? There’s more to it than meets the eye.


Most restos nowadays displays their menu on an easel, normally written in chalk while others place their actual menus for customers to get a peek of what’s in store. While reading them,  An attendant approached us, and with a smile that’s so warmth, she greeted us (the usual spiel I presume) so I immediately inquired if they have pasta for my friend’s heart’s content. Oh yes they have and they have a lot!

So this is where I brought my ever “foodie” buddy and in no time we have our choices and placed our orders already.

Theirs is inviting..

While our food are being prepared. I took advantage of my waiting time taking pictures.

I am seeing a light house!=)
Oh yes, it is a light house! ❤
Hanging lamps!

There’s a soft music being played. I recalled hearing “Stay with me”, “All of me” and some from Maroon 5 (which made me miss the person who introduced it to me). Their play list was My genre.=)

Such a beautiful view.. According to the attendants, it is even lovelier at night..=)
Top view!

Being known as a rice person I had my steak (specific instruction: well done). And of course spaghetti: shrimp pasta for my buddy.

Hers came with 2 slices of focaccia bread. Mine arrived with buttered veggies, a sufficient scoop of mashed potato and a bowl of gravy.

Go dig in! =)

My steam rice was neatly served on a red mini-pot which I found very cute. =)


If you will ask for their specialty, it is their rib-eye steak.

Let’s drink to that! =)

2 iced teas please! =)
Bestie playing sweet to share with me her shrimps! ❤
Mason jars are so “in”!

Nothing comes close to the feeling of being full and liking what you have just consumed. My sense of wonder craves for more. So the hunt for the best spaghetti will continue. Cravings and savings. Til our next adventure! =)