The house is new at “OLD SPAGHETTI HOUSE”! <3

Old Spaghetti House

“One kind word can change someone’s entire day.”

I think I have mentioned before that we normally hop from one restaurant to another for dessert.

As we finished our lunch from Mati’s. We opted to go to our original plan to visit “The Old Spaghetti House”. Since we’re done with our wish list. We went to the house just for their dessert. I might call them now “The New Spaghetti House” since they are newly renovated.

spag 8
Let’s eat!

This is not their interiors before. The seats are new, the walls are now with varying displays.

spag 7
My seat! =)

Even the menu had its’ revamping.

spag 6
I thought that was the chair I sat on! =)

Honestly, I liked it better now. It felt homier if there’s such a word. =)

spag 5
Is it supposed to be fork for desserts? Just asking!

So, here’s what I’ve got. As usual, top of my list is blueberry cheesecake.

spag 1
My blueberry cheesecake!!!!

Nothing comes first. If not available, i’d be willing to have apple pie and frozen yogurt. While my friend had chocolate truffle.

spag 4
Truffle cake!

And mango shake for the two of us.

spag 3
The Al fresco dining is such a sweet place…
spag 2
Oh, it is St. Valentine’s Day! ❤

It was a sweet way to top a hefty meal. And I reckon by remembering what that slice of blueberry cheesecake tastes like… Till my next slice! ❤