We got PICKED!

We have been “PICKED”!!! 

What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book and a cup of coffee?
-Anthony Trollope-

Wow! At last, we got “Picked”!

Just a few minutes away from my place is “PICKED Gallery & Cafe”, a cool spot which I have been eyeing since last week. From the outside, it surely looks like a cafe with a very cognitive name: Picked. Just like beans freshly picked right? And according to my soul daughter, she is 100% sure that I’ll love the place and even swore to me that we will all linger there.

Rendezvous material. Firstly, it is beside St. Peregrine Laziosi – the Italian Patron Saint for people suffering from illness or cancer. As to which we can go there after hearing mass and secondly, it is a stone throw away from her school. Meeting up would be easy, after work or after school or after the mass. Whichever allows us to meet there altogether.

Well, my baby daughter was right. It’s the coolest place in our area so far. Next to Maestro Fedeli and Snuggery cafe ( this is the one that’s just 15 minutes away from my place and the cheapest since they cater mostly to students as they’re in front of a school).

The food in Picked is a little more expensive than Maestro Fedeli, while drinks from the latter is a little bit higher, while I love Picked’s over-all ambiance, their menu, their service (even if it’s self-service), the product mix and of course their beans.

menu board picked
Made of recycled paper..

And personally, I’d like to think it’s because of their own version of sansrival. Picked is located on the 2nd floor of a hip building in Muntinlupa city just a few minutes from Alabang, which happens to be the CBD (Central business district) in this part of NCR neighboring the CALABARZON.

Whatever you need, or whatever I need, I go to Alabang. When I need to shop, I go to Alabang, when I need a bigger supermarket (because the merchandise are complete), I go to Alabang, If I wanna watch movies? Restaurants of all types, specialty stores, hotels, coffee shops? It’s in Alabang. So having a coffee shop nearer my place is a cool way and conducive enough to spend a lazy day like weekends.

Hitting the first step of their stairs, I must say that they achieve the feeling of being transported. The stairway landing felt like a little place in Mexico or Valencia in Spain, welcoming you with graffitis and  doodles in nurturing colors of varying shades of green and brown leading you to the main serving area which I can describe as cozy right away.

chalkboard 2
Sundays well spent. =)
landing 2
Indeed, good coffee.

The aircon’s temperature is just right and the line-up of furniture is cool as well.

interiors 3
They’re endorsing Dilmah Teas from Sri Lanka. =)
interiors 2

Just as I expected and envisioned, their menu boards would be written in chalk.

menu board
Chalk-written menu boards..
better latte
See the back of his shirt, isn’t it so cool?=)

And specialties are separated by placing them on easels.

Just ring it!
fb picked
Some ads..

The chiller meant for their cakes and pastries is the typical 1200x840x1180mm shelf type fridge.

I know what to get for myself already! =)

And I instantly eyed what I’m gonna get. When it’s our turn to order our drinks, it was funny that when I said salted caramel, the 2 boys laughed in chorus and the attendant repeated our orders. So that would be three tall salted caramels for your drinks mam? And the 2 boys opted to get other offering, Echo had Irish Nut and Tatty had the Almond Roca.

drinks 2
our drink
Just to kill the monotony of coffee. We tried one of their smoothies. Honestly, it was really good. It’s a combination of pomegranate and blueberries.

Tatty’s not fond of cakes unless it’s made of chocolates so it’s just me and Echo who took sansrival and blueberry cheesecake respectively.


Echo’s cravings for the black (squid-ink) burger have been granted however he didn’t expected the size would be this big and shared the burger with me and his dad.

blk burger 2
I loved the sweet potato fries..

He and his dad is very keen to detect good food. It must be the food being prepared by my mother-in-law, as she is one of the best cook I’ve known. While my side are foodies and my parents are good cooks as well. I honestly loved the oil-free fried sweet potatoes that came with that burger. And the specially made mayo dip that came with it.

Turkey sandwich..

While the turkey sandwich didn’t meet my expectation as I was anticipating a thicker and meatier slice of turkey. Or slices perhaps. This one consists of just one fair slice of the turkey meat. However, we liked its’ onions since it is caramelized and wasn’t too strong for the entire fusion. And instead of the usual potatoes, they again paired the sandwich with sweet potatoes which we like better. The mayo dip was with a slightly spicy chili powder. It was manageable for me.

The whole time we were talking about Cha and missing her and promised that we’re bringing her on our next visit. These are like those times that were thankful because we are really having a good family time. Minus Cha and Jen. Though, there’s always a next time guys, we missed you so here.

Art in sacks!

Being able to visit Picked is like an inspiration calling me forth to blog it. Coffee and cakes, have always been my favorite combination. Not tea, not soda, not fruit juice but coffee.

freshly picked
And not just books, but magazines as well.
dilmah teas
Dilmah Teas

As for the coffee drinks, they are just the usual which you would expect from freshly made artisanal coffee. Their baristas looked like not flexing a muscle while creating a concoction.


But the cakes. The sansrival for me is worth a second even a third come back. While the blueberry cheesecake is great too. The black (because of squid ink) burger topped with lots of white sesame seeds is truly “mouth-watering”. I have to research why it is trending lately, I mean the black buns.

blk burger

However, the next time we get it I would have to request for the patty to be well done. Though for its’ over-all taste, this burger is worth a try. I specially loved the fried oil-free sweet potatoes. That flavored mayo that came with it seems to be the rightest pair for the fries.

With foodie buddy and soul daughter, I can’t wait to try their greens with tuna, pasta and smoothies.

We weren’t just “picked” but “hooked” as well. =)

Picked is by EQuilibrium Intertrade Corp. which made GUS (grown-up soda) famous, endorsed Toranis in the country, Charlie’s Honest smoothies to mention a few. PICKED is located at: The Place Building, National Highway, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City. Contact number is 02-553-4344.