Isdaan Restaurant…

Isdaan Restaurant…

“In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are.”

My bucket list included another trip northbound to check out this special restaurant known as Isdaan Seafood restaurant. It is located in Gerona, Tarlac in Pampanga. I accidentally saw it from a friend’s post in Facebook. At first glance, she looked like being in another Asian country until I discovered that she’s actually in the Philippines. I can’t wait to see it in the flesh too. And instantly jot it down in my list.

Until on our way home from Lucban, after seeing the Pahiyas festival, an on-going huge construction somewhere in Bae, Calauan (or Bay) caught my gaze and apparently I later learned that it is actually another branch of Isdaan. And it’s just an hour away from my place. I’ve been meaning to check it the soonest and had monitored the finish date or opening date to the public.

So timely when my highschool friends  were scouting for a place to spend one of the group’s birthday. I recommended Isdaan. To my surprise, everyone agreed right away and that they have been eyeing the place as well. It’s popularity in our area has become instant. It’s definitely needless to go to Gerona which is going to be more than 3 hours away from Laguna.

If La Union is the gateway of the North, Bae, the town before where Isdaan is located, isn’t just the gateway to other parts of Central Luzon, it is also touted to be the most beautiful town in Laguna. I specifically love the trees from both sides of the high-way with their branches extending to the other side, entangled and mimicking an arch naturally, not only it created a pretty sight to look at, it also unknowingly provided shed to travelers creating a palette of greens and yellows. It was so relaxing.

Please take a look as to how we celebrated our friend’s happy birthday.happy trip. happy tummy!

The birthday girl!
Halo halo..
Fresh buko juice…

I especially like the fish in tamarind soup which the attendant poured from a bamboo..

The place is so Asian, at some point, it felt like a park to me, a transient trip to somewhere surreal, kids will surely enjoy it and the kids at heart too. Except for the so oldies since the place is so vast, it would require you a lot of walking, though resting areas with benches and carved-stone are in every corner, you can stop by to take a rest and just quietly enjoy the place. I also wondered if the owner is a Buddhist.

Hmmn, there are Buddhas everywhere..





Families and friends searching for a change to bond and dine can go here.

There’s this corner on Anger Management. The photo showed plates and bowls which you can throw & crash on the wall. You would not believe, televisions are also available for throwing. =)

They call it “Taksiyapo”…

I must affectionately declare, that the girls I was with are friends I’ve known for the last two decades.


It was actually a special friendship that’s meant to last till our hairs are gray and walks with canes or with eye glasses probably hanging on our necks. As declared by one of us, we will be spending our golden years together like the movie: Golden girls. The bliss coming from friendships like this can’t be described by words enough. Let me try by saying they’re gifts from the heavens above… (–,)

Isdaan is located at: Bae, National highway, Laguna. Their first branch is at: Gerona, Tarlac.