IZAKAYA – A Japanese Resto in San Pedro…

Izakaya – A Japanese Resto in San Pedro…

Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity. ~aaron swartz~

Growing up with culinary influences from my mama and papa who hailed from Cavite and Pampanga respectively. They’ve been with me all my life as I explore the awesome tricks of cooking.

This is why even if I am not literally a food blogger, I might not be able to capture all the essence of it like a professional. Still, I always give it my best try. =)

I remember using my parent’s recipe for spaghetti which won me first prize during a cooking competition on my 6th grade. Since then, it gave me extra confidence to do my stint in the kitchen! =)

I mastered (hmmmmn) Filipino & Spanish cuisine, maybe Italian, some of Chinese, but not Japanese.

In our town, I seldom see a decent Japanese restaurant, except for the one which we even had as venue for my wedding’s reception, way way back 1990s.

It didn’t augment in the process I guess, though their food is good, or maybe, there are not much fans that it created at that time. I felt bad upon discovering it’s no longer there, a huge gym replaced their location, though I had this comforting thought of knowing another one somewhere I hope will open soon.

Not until so so soon, after almost 20 years. I found one. Izakaya Restaurant. Izakaya is a Japanese term for a pub or a Sake shop. Just to check on it, my foodie buddy decided on it right away. And no regrets at all, I definitely like what we ordered.

The ambiance is very Japanese.

Looking forward to see a Japanese restaurant in Japan! ❤
long table
I plan to sit here when I bring my fam here…=)
I look up all the time! ahaha!

There’s a soft music playing that is not too loud nor not too soft. You know the feeling of enumerating your order to the attendant and you can’t hear each other because their music is so loud, on top of the conversations going on from different tables. It’s not like that.

The attendants took care of us with all their guile sincerity. We met Neo, He is the “Shift Head”. We even agreed to go back again, we exchanged “call me” cards. And he assured us he can always reserve our tables should we advise him of our visit. I told him we will visit definitely off-peak. As I’d be with somebody very impatient (My mom). Ehehe! But then, our food were served in less than 10 minutes I guess, and they’re still hot and are neatly arranged in those authentic Japanese plates.

Initially, since it’s a few hours from dinner time, maybe around almost 5pm. We just had California maki,

Mangoes and crab sticks are fresh! =)

the Japanese version of Hakaw,


and since the heat is scorching since after lunch time, again, for this single week, I had my 7th “Halo-halo”, Japanese version.

halo halo

I especially loved the taste of the red monggo and according to Neo, the monggos came all the way from Japan. I love Japan! I dreamt of seeing this country one day!

Their table are complete with Japanese sesame oil, their very special sauce which I always call “Kikkoman” even if the brand is not Kikkoman (ehehe!). There’s Japanese vinegar as well.

japanese cup
Hand-painted cups…=)

The chopsticks are made of wood, the kind of chopstick that from the look of it, you will feel that they’re not the ordinary or usual
chopsticks. I should know! I collect them! Theirs is not
disposable too!

We didn’t stay that long, even if we want to. However, as promised, we will go back. I told Neo, I am bringing my son and my mom!


Foodie buddy was so happy with her crab sticks! =)

foodie buddy
Let’s go back here okay? Okay! (–,)