Cheap Thrill! – “BOY PARES”

Cheap thrill! – “Boy Pares”

One friend of mine bluntly asked me if I enjoy simple days and if how I specifically spend my weekends without literally spending big? And at the back of my mind, I wondered where the question came from? I don’t normally spend a lot (nor splurge, only if I have an extra budget for it, and I save for something if I really want it) on most of my activities, whether eating out or having vacations. My funds normally goes all the way to the needs of the house since I am a single mom and a single daughter too. I have been also blessed with some trips that are treat from my friends or a relative or my boss, etc.

So it prompted me to blog about my “Cheap thrills”, to share my take on enjoying a day or a night without hurting the pocket.

One of those is this late dinner after a Swedish massage from a spa who have been taking care of me for the past 3 years.

Said dinner was awesome, and happened in that famous street in Pacita complex, Pacita avenue, in our home town.

I used to commend that street going to South woods due to its’ numerous food kiosks, restaurants and other interesting cafes and nooks. I missed that Pacita complex has a similar street as well where you can find everything you need or whatever cravings you are in at any day.

Name it, froyos, gellatos, coffees, steaks, Japanese food, Filipino cuisine, American food, Chinese food, sumptuous Delis, pastries, cakes, I even saw toasted siopaos! Name it, this street have it!

Just a living proof that we Filipinos are foodies by heart and soul. Not to forget mentioning that we have this very discriminating taste (and the standard is increasing), we don’t settle for less, we scrap and ban those who didn’t serve the dishes fresh, those who took long to serve our orders and the list is endless.

We often look for the best and this is why there are hundreds of new restaurants each year popping up like mushrooms in the whole land. Even holes in the walls dictate a standard that caters to many.

Filipinos celebrates the habit of enjoying good food in every sense of the word. It is celebrated much as life is celebrated. “Eat, drink and be merry”. As the old saying goes. However, to do it, it doesn’t necessarily be posh all the time.

As restaurateurs can explicitly provide customers good food at a very reasonable price combining it with tip-top service.

This spot is a proof. Boy Pares.

It’s called “Boy Pares”…

We veered from the elegant, air-conditioned places and for a change our feet led us to this simple yet snug resto which sells “Pares”.

“Pares” is a term when they refer to combinations. It originated from this particular place in Cubao, sometime in the 80s, when they will combine fried rice, with a sweet and saucy version of “Adobo” using beef instead of pork, that comes with a soup. “Pares” in the English is “Pair”. It is that famous combination as to why “Pares” became so famous.

Their choices from the menu boards are very few, around 6 items and I asked the attendant what’s their best seller. It’s the “Pares” itself. Though, I didn’t like the strong flavor of anis seed on it.

Only a few choices..

Tatty ordered for the “Pares” itself while I got “Lechon kawale”. It is deep fried pork literally fried in a deep cauldron and goes best with the lechon sauce.

our food
Pares and lechon kawale..

In the Philippines, there are ready-made lechon sauce which you can buy in bottles, which is also paired with the real “Lechon”. Though, some restaurants prepare their own personalized lechon sauce, which makes their offering more special. What I’ve got I think is a special sauce too.

Complete line of sauces and condiments..

We were provided with four different condiments. Oh, Filipinos can’t do without it.

According to them, their vinegar was made special too..

The iced tea that we ordered also came in a nice jar, not the usual Nestea iced tea flavor, the drink was also personalized.

iced tea
Iced tea!
The owner must be fond of bridges..
iced tea 2

It was a bit late then, still, the attendants are very welcoming, they even asked if it is our first time to visit their place, and even had us tried their “Best seller”. – Mama’s adobo. I missed to take a picture of it because we consumed it right away when it landed on our table. And the attendant having it tried by us, she must be very confident that she wont’ fail us and she didn’t. It was one of the best adobos I’ve ever tasted!

Choosing this place, we’ve got no regrets. They even bid us good bye, reminded us to take care and asked us to come back again. Surely, we will. =)