SINANGAG REPUBLIC Resto-bar & grill – San Pedro, Laguna

Sinangag Republic – dine without the wine…

logo sr
Sinangag republic…

One afternoon, out of the blue, the three of us craved for Sinangag, and the nearest we can get these is where else but at Sinangag Republic.

sinangag rep

sr 2
Rendezvous for bar hoppers..
sr 1
Day time..

The place is popular with drinkers, from work, people usually flock this place especially on a Friday or weekends. We went on a weekday so we were able to get a table right away, if not, we have to wait to be sitted.

My hometown, San Pedro in Laguna is packed with hole in the walls food venues. With this specific craving, my husband can only think of one and brought us here. A less than 30 minute drive away from home. He had frequented the place for years now.

It’s easy to locate, it is in that street-long queue of restaurants before exiting Southwoods City in Carmona, Cavite.

When you’re on a diet, you might want to set it aside first. =)

Giving in to our cravings, we got these:

Ordering something that you really like and not just trying out something new can be sort of a pleasure specially if it’s one of your favorites. Readily available. No need for you to prepare the ingredients and feel the heat in front of the stove, and not to forget cleaning up the dishes. Voila!

It is not tough on the budget too.. =)

We had appetizers first, and we all agreed to have Nachos! It’s funny though since you can no longer see the nachos due to its’ tremendous amount of all the toppings that you’re expecting. Thinly sliced cabbage, ground beef, fresh tomatoes, and cheese!

Good for 4 pax..

We had cheese sticks too. Sorry, forgot to take a picture.

After which I ordered for beef tapa. In all fairness, I am often anxious to get beef in all kinds. As I experienced getting the not so tender, chewy gum like slices or chunks of beef, and from where I need not mention. While this one, is cooked enough and my gums won’t get numb munching it.

beef steak
My beef steak..=)

My son and his dad had these:

I tried it and was tender too.. It’s best with vinegar..
Calamares or squid rings for tatty.. I tried it too and it’s delish! (short for delicious!) lol!

While we’re waiting for our orders. I was able to capture all corners which honestly I enjoyed a lot.




According to tatty, his friend (one of the owners) told him that these knick knacks all came from their travels.


papas lamp

I love dream catchers, I have one dangling in my bedroom door.. A violet one.. (of course)…

My only issue is that the place is kinda dim and I had a hard time making out the menu even if I’m still on 20/20 vision.

mag ama sinangag
Isn’t a little too dark..

Father and son both laugh and told me in duet, “Nanny, this is a resto-bar owkie!!!” Okay, fine!

Anyway, behind my head, finding out that a friend owns this place, I was visualizing my own cafe to be something like this and recalling Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo. Boho shabby chic would be my theme. Day-dreaming it is and I just came back to reality upon smelling the scent of our orders.

dad and son

It took us less than 30 minutes to have happy tummies!Burp! =)
Sinangag Republic is located at:
Rosario Avenue, Rosario Complex,
San Pedro, Laguna

Mobile number:

Their Facebook page: