18 years & counting – ENCHANTED KINGDOM

I could not imagine that anybody can come up nor duplicate a place like Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines. I think, nothing can come close. Leisure parks or Amusement parks are usually classified if themed. Enchanted Kingdom is actually a large-scale theme park and the only World-class theme park in the country. It is meant to capture the young and old alike especially the young at heart. Next month, EK is celebrating its’ 18th birthday. 18 years of providing joy, magic and enchanting memories to their internal and external guests.

Allow me to share with you my “3 winks” looking back with my heart smiling at those years. Some of my happiest years occured inside the walls of this colossal park. Both as a Cast Member and as a Guest. Please take a look!

ek 1
With Eldar! (–,) One of our best sellers at Merchandise dept.
ek 2
They would always ask me to have a photo with them!
ek 3
Kuya Mulong’s (one of our famous clowns) daughter! such a pretty girl..(–,)
ek 4
With kuya Mulong! =)
ek 5
With all those celebrities visiting the park, I only had a chance with her. She is so pretty up close.
ek 6
Something we can’t live without, our personalized umbrellas!
ek 7
With a guest and a former Cast member at 5 & Dime…
ek 8
With Mr. Regala, Mr. Completado and Mr. Maigue. First name: Mark…(–,) all three with a good heart!
ek 9
General Assembly! #ga
ek 10
One of my favorite pictures!
ek 12
During a seminar…#spellhappy
ek 13
And the winner is..Our department (Retail Operations) usually brings home the first prize during the Annual Departmental Competition… I was Kim! =p
ek 14
A page from my scrapbook..with Nina, colleagues and friends…
ek 19
My free ride at the “Wheel of Fate”!
ek 17
One of my favorite shots..in front of the park… My kingdom!
ek 22
Eldar, what are you doing there? You’re so funny!
ek 23
In my work area..
ek 25
Team building activities.. =)
ek 26
Cooking lesson with grand pa!
ek 27
Rialto! weepeee! with Mia bunso!
ek 30
With Ems… =)
With BFF!
With BFF!
Christmas time...I have celebrated 4 Christmases with EK..(--,)
Christmas time…I have celebrated 4 Christmases with EK..(–,)
ROD girls in white! =) #generalassembly

It must be the child in me. But I just can’t get enough of EK. I have been visiting every year, seeing friends, or maybe because I have free pass all these years. Ahaha!  So, Till then. (–,) Happy birthday EK!<3<3<3 More power!


All things are meant to be.

Attached photo is a newspaper ad reflecting a job position that I eyed at Enchanted kingdom back in 1997.

EK ad..March 23, 1997
EK ad..March 23, 1997

For some unknown reason, I opted to apply (and got hired) by another company which I found at the back of the ad. I cringed, finding this out. And realized, it was all meant to be.

Ergo ad...March 23, 1997
Ergo ad…March 23, 1997

Both places have mold me into the person which I am now. At my best. As always. (–,)