Baguio: Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio however is less colder when we came from Sagada. It was 11 degrees. It was 9 in Sagada. So isn’t the title supposed to belong to Sagada? Anyway,we warmed ourselves by having served – hot food from a resto near the bus station.

There’s a big group at that time, from the way they look, I must assume they are mountaineers with all those bags at their backs that seems to be taller than me. I envy them because being one is not my cup of tea.

We then proceed to Mile-hi Diner in side Camp John Hay. I wanted to know what’s it like being here after more than 20 years.

That visit made me fall in love with diners. It’s concept and the food. During college days, we used to hang – out at Rosie’s Diner in Malate and Atlanta Diner in Pasay road and there’s also one in Makati avenue of which name I could no longer remember.

They are still fresh in my mind. Happy younger days. Seriously, I can’t explain how I feel, the scent of the pines are the same, the interiors of the cafe had some renovations, the old world feel is there and the menu, I can’t wait to place my order. During that time, they charge by the dollars, now, they accept Philippine money already. I looked forward having these.

The typical food choices of someone young. or used to be young. Who doesn’t care how much calories I have taken. After dining, we went for a walk. There are souvenir shops nearby, so we bought some for loved ones back home. There’s so many things to do with so little time. Twas a comforting thought to have found a popular coffee shop here, it’s like being in Manila even if I’m not and goin’ home would still be tomorrow. Oh well, having a great sip in this such cold weather is pleasure beyond compare.

Of all the SB shops I’ve gone to. With all the hustle bustle of the city life, when every table there are chattings, on the other, group meetings are held, on a corner, lovers (quarreling?), or people enjoying their coffee with only their laptop as companion. Being sitted there was so tranquil, we had the pleasure to be on the table of our choice. In the city you’d really have to wait for tables to be vacant, wherever the vacant table may be. Or drink your coffee, while standing.

Here, it was our choice. I chose the one in the veranda or porch. Choosing between that and a comfy sofa inside, I opted to sit there because the view is so enticing. The coffee shop is like one of those countryside houses I usually see (and loved) in movies such as Forest Gump, The Notebook or Hershel’s house (From The Walking dead series).

I felt like being somewhere else. While sipping my coffee, I have enjoyed the resplendent view, how vast the golf course is, the house beside us, the scent of waffles being cooked (we were beside Waffle house), some butterflies prancing around, landing on the buds, and then, the sound of nothing. Which is calming. After enjoying that coffee moment, we had our pictures taken with the towering pines and decided to call it a day.

We rest for a while in our hotel and had dinner in a jam-packed restaurant beside a cathedral.

We also bought some foodie goodies (again) from the night market. We actually have this big big bag full of stuff for loved ones back home. Baguio is famous for peanut brittle. We had several bottles for everyone. The following day was more flowers and butterflies at the park near the lake, and oh the power of flowers, the power of them to make you happy.

I am tryin’ to capture this with its’ wings wide open…

I am tryin’ to capture this with its’ wings wide open…

And then, I did! (–,)

I did! I did! I did! (–,) It is actually one of God’s most beautiful gifts right? and they abound in Baguio. They’re the only town who can afford to hold an event like Panagbenga: the flower festival. They have all the species. And they can come up with floats loaded and embellished with fresh flowers. I can imagine the scent.

Witnessing it is included in my list too. Crossing my fingers, I hope one day, I will. We kept on walking and walking, climbing, till it hurts. Then we reached the store with a looong queue of customers waiting for their turn to get their “Ube jam”. I had mine. Yey!

Our last stop was at “Mines view park”. Trinidad valley with the strawberry fields is a good subject for photography (my friend an enthusiast) and we missed that.

We’ve got little time. Mines view is on top, so it’ll allow you to see sight of the lowlands, or the whole of Baguio, the farthest your eyes can see. As part of the fun. We paid to have a picture beside a drooling St. Bernard.

I presume if he could only talk, he would have said to his master that he’s tired of smiling at cameras already. ahaha!

What I usually say when I get tired of each travel, that it was all worth it. We missed the mansion, Wright park, the Grotto, the Wood carvers, and a lot. Anyway, there will always be a next time.

Though, to be in a place for the first time, me in Sagada, my friend in Baguio, is an inspiring feeling that the world gets smaller at times. Besides, it was great to set foot on a place that used to be unkown to you. One place or another, to explore and remember is what travelling is all about. It is truly tiring and stimulating all at once.