Capones Lighthouse, Capones Island – Zambales

CAPONES Lighthouse…

The minutes ticking from the time I hopped on this medium boat and when the boatman pulled something for the engine to start, the islets and islands we passed by getting my attention for the mean time,the soft sound of waves felt endless. I can’t wait to see Capones light house.

cap 1
So near and yet so far..

I pictured myself here.

Picture perfect!

Exactly where I’m standing and calculating the exact size of that lighthouse that seems to be looking at my direction, standing mighty proud, sweetened by age, hundred of years have passed, beyond the images of wear and tear….

cap 20
Mighty and proud…

I felt the wind brushing off my hair, my skin. The same wind that touches its whole being. And now I’m here. Right where I wanted to be.

cap 8
The stairs I see from different blogs about Capones lighthouse…

Capones lighthouse. How are you? I’m losing my breath I can’t wait to be near you. Pointblank.

cap 19
Stones on the shore..
cap 17
Came in all sizes..
cap 16
Shoreline of this island is the most unusual..
cap 15
No tourist guide to answer what is this for or what the history says about this tunnel..I need to do research on this…=)
cap 14
Stairways to heaven…

And now I’m here. Capones lighthouse is I guess one of those that is mostly heard of at least by me. And I just want to pinch myself a little that I am already a few inches away fr this old tower.

cap 12
Some trees..
cap 11
I’m almost there..
cap 10
Another capturing my attention..

My 5th lighthouse.

cap 9
A few meters away…

I am full now.

cap 7
This is it! Whew!

So much with contentment for the time being.

cap 6
Me and Capones..

With happiness for as long as I can recall Capones.

cap 5
It is so beautiful!
I like this shot..
Look out!
Zambales – 2014

though I know I am eyeing another one after this.I’ll just savor the moment. Allow me to taste the feel of it. It’s like finding something that you’ve been looking for the whole time. It felt good. Period.

The old feel is there.

cap 2
cap 3
Old bricks…
cap 4
Too steep..
Borrowed from Jen..
Loved the feeling to be on top!
We don’t wanna go down but the others might wait for us again..
One of my favorite shots…Thank you Jen!
Thank you Jen!

I guess my photos speaks that I literally can’t gt enough of it. Just like I did on d others.thanks to Jen. No need to buy films just to suffice my hunger to pictures. Cameras nowadays can give you thousands as long as u want run out battery and memory. Sadly, we ran out of it, there was no electricity on all the islands of Zambales.

Capones lighthouse…

So long. I have met Capones lighthouse finally. Til my next encounter.