Nagsasa Cove – Zambales

So this is where we’re going to spend the night. It alarmed me to find out that there’s  no electricity nor signals of any mobile phone network.

Can’t wait to anchor..

I want the afternoon to take forever. We were warned,  and we’re actually prepared. We had everything fully charged and we bought a power bank as well.

Hello Nagsasa!
sands 3
Season of sandals, sands and sunshine…

Though it only sinked in to me upon being there and witnessing that there were no sign of electricity, no TVs, no radios, no hint of city life. It was a relief when I saw a signage that gadgets can be charged at a minimum cost. The cove boasts its coastline of fine sands, one native described it to me as a little bit larger than the sands of Boracay. It is also whiter than the rest of the other islands of Zambales.


The shoreline of the others are mostly of rocks and weeds that grows under the water. Nagsasa is the cleanest. What attracted me most, are the rock formations that seems to be on queue which you can even either venture into from both sides of the island.

Sands, sun and thongs…
ngsasa 7
Early morning walk..
Bira – bira..
Rock formations..
ngsasa 2
I can’t get enough of them..
Best spot to view Nagsasa..

We opted venturing on the right side of the island if you are facing it. During previous researches, this is the best spot to capture the long coastline of Nagsasa.

ngsasa 6
Almost dark..

Let me tell you first that it was my first time to sleep in a tent. My friend was a girl scout, she brought a flashlight when all the rest of the guests brought a lamp. I was worrying of all the kinds of insects that were dancing in my mind. Or crawling creatures that we might encounter or might see us as intruders during the night. And so we did. The sound of the waves lulled me to sleep. And in the middle of my sleep, there’s something moving outside which creates an unusual sound, it turned out to be a rooster. So goodbye to the fear of the unknown. Hi rooster! After basking under the sun and prancing on the sands. I lied on my deep purple shawl, it was great to be there and enjoy the quietness of the place. There were only a few guests during our stay and it was of our advantage as we were able to enjoy a part of the beach all on ourselves. The quietness later on started killing me. I was not able to anticipate that it could be that quiet. Though thanks to this white yacht which parked for the night and played good music until the following morning. I could thank the owner for sparing me the night. Besides, I went there to have fun and not sulk out of loneliness. Oh, the sound of silence (could kill me). In reality, I thanked the owner, at a later time, for allowing us to charge our powerbank in his yacht and our souvenir photos in Capones, is something that we owe to him. See you soon owner of the musical yacht. =)

I must not forget that while lying on the water, floating on it, I saw a falling star. I immediately said my prayers, it was so fast like the usual that I see as a child, I said my wishes with my palms together. I felt peace. I felt there’s hope that my dreams can come true. (–,)

ngsasa 1
Had fun literally..
ngsasa 3
Readying to swim..
ngsasa 4
Jen and me..
ngsasa 5
Little mermaid..(–,)

Had we didn’t get cold, we could stay on the water for the whole evening, while my body is aching for a good rest, out of tiresomeness, my back didn’t mind the uneven floor where our tent was positioned. I was too lazy to bring a small pillow (As I can do without one), I just made use of my clothes to protect my head during that particular slumber where each time I open my eyes, I get to peek at the evening stars because a part of the tent’s ceiling is of transparent material. It’s a good view after all. The same rooster (I guess) and a group asking us if we want to see the falls woke us up the following morning. I pretended to be still sleeping and my friend told them we’d rather go for a swim until the sun isn’t up yet. I definitely want to swim again. The water is the most attractive thing to me at that time. I can’t wait to splurge. And so we did.

ngsasa 10

After trailing the foot of the mountain where they usually get the best spot to take a panoramic shot of the cove. We dipped again. For hours. We also took advantage to take sexy pictures we might not be able to take had there been plenty of swimmers. Luck is on our side, we got a portion of the beach (again) all for ourselves. The sun is kind enough to hide on the clouds though around past 11am. It is already hurting my skin. We opted to have lunch and patiently waited for our next and finale voyage. This is our voyage to the highlight of this trip. The chance to see Capones light house up close and personal.