Bistro Pamana – A Restaurant With A Legacy…

Bistro Pamana…

Being a natural foodie with an eye for detail, I was supposed to create a food blog because I both love to eat and cook as well. I ended up blogging and telling stories about everything under the sun. Food, travel, hobbies, what fascinates me and of love itself.
The first time I saw Pamana restaurant from a friend’s post. I instantly adored it. It was the one in Tagaytay. I’ve always been fascinated with walls where different frame photos are mounted. I have 2 walls at home where I did the same though I am not that contented yet. I need more.
Bistro Pamana did just like that. They framed vintage photos of celebrities. As the owner was once a famous celebrity during her time.
Very vintage…
My soul sis told me that it is Barrio fiesta’s sister company. Who also owned Isdaan in Laguna. Their specialty or focus are Heirloom Filipino dishes twisted and tweaked, serving them in gorgeous plates and “cubiertos” to match their theme: Vintage and eclectic.
I learned this because soul sis brought me to their Makati branch. We had to have dinner first while waiting for a client and I had adobo flakes for the first time. My sis get this basket of seafood both of which tasted great. It has prawns, fillets of fish and mussels. You’d be asked to choose from 2 ways to cook it.The adobo flakes comes with a soup, some condiment and eggplant salad. A staple Filipino meal presented with creativity.
wall 1
Out of excitement, I was not able to take photos of our food, or maybe I was already hungry..=)
The moment we stepped in I can’t help but be awed and sis told me “I knew it!” Why? The walls are painted in lavender that’s not hurting to the eyes because they stabilized it with white Wainscots. As I’ve always confessed, lavender is my favorite color. That is my chakra color as well. I feel energetic being around this color for the longest time.
I love their interiors!
Honestly, The framed photos amazed me. Not just because of the old photos of known Filipino celebrities. And sandwiching them with vintage mirrors as well. Most of the elements jived with each other. The quilted seats, the transparent dining chairs and to complete it – the chandeliers.
Rule of thirds..
It is no longer a surprise for a place to be noticed, be popular and be featured in famous magazines and attain recognitions here and there.
wall 2
Always peak time..
One staff while I was admiringly looking at the photos on the walls asked me to try the one in Tagaytay and the newly opened branch in Quezon City. He proudly claimed that I will equally love it. Secretly, I am eyeing the one in Tagaytay… (–,)
sewing machine vintage
Reminded me of my mama who creates beautiful dresses for me when I was a kid…
I also noticed some clippings from magazines where they were featured hanged on the walls too. A kind of prevalent pride of being recognized. Which unquestionably shows that they made a name already in the Food and Beverage industry.
Vintage stuff on every corner…
By the way, their iced water tasted sweet. I sensed they’re lemons. And none are those palt bits that are usually visible like the one I sighted from other restaurants’ service waters. Bistro Pamana is another hit. I’m grateful to my soul sis for bringing me here. I will come back here surely. And make my tummy happy … =)
Look! Miniature typewriters and sewing machine as check cases…=)
sewing machine

Sometimes, thoughts of some people on how to do things surprise us unexpectedly. To veer away from what is ordinary and be unique. These vintage stuff used as check box basically taught me that. And I’m just glad to realize. Until my next learnings.