Le Bistro Vert…

Le Bistro Vert…

Tucked in the heart of Salcedo village in Makati, at Fraser Place is where is to be found.

Teal and mint I find soothing to the eyes…

After a series of several mishaps (missing radiator cap, getting lost, etc.) We finally found the bistro.

Fell in love with this mural. My camera didn’t capture its’ true beauty, though from the prints of the magazine where I spotted it, it’s truly beautiful! In reality, it is.

Honestly, I didn’t have the slightest idea how famous and how dedicated Chef Laudico is to his craft. On top of it, creating healthy food as part of his thrust on wellness.

I requested my buddy to go here even without an occasion, just our regular habit to squeeze in meeting up from time to time regardless of how busy our lives could be, besides, my months wouldn’t be complete without seeing my intense sissy with her humor that I find comforting. Her expressive persona lifts my sometimes low spirit. Seeing her over good food has always been a sweet treat for me. Among my peers, it is her that we can converse even in silence.

I spotted this bistro because of that French mural and instantly fell in love with their “all shades of green” interiors which I spotted from a magazine, little did I know that the theme came in sync with what the chef is endorsing. Healthy indulgence. Mostly organic and sustainable.

This mural!

The bistro boasts good food. “Good” because it is not just flavorful to the bud, it is also good to your over all physical being. Not to mention how creative their plating is.

I often hear his name in the F&B world, like how I hear my favorites in the International scene. The likes of Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver and even Chef Cristeta Comerford (White House Executive Chef) among many others. I am dazzled by their world. I have watched Julie and Julia for a couple of instance. That time when choosing among films on dvds that you haven’t seen yet and you can’t make up your mind, I still settle with Julie and Julia.

Furthermore, local chefs like Chef Heny, Chef Gene Gonzalez, Steph Zubiri are those I try to follow if time permits me. I dreamt of trying Tony Escalante in Tagaytay though I have to fund it because that place in Tagaytay requires planning (reservation) and enough funds to enjoy the visit. I would not want to leave Tagaytay without ube jam and pastries from Rowenas too. And soon I will. Bucket list – Antonio’s – Check! Yey!

Going back to chef Sau. Back then, I had a full spread of my pasta, it looked heavy but its a healthy one.


My soul sis had an inch thick slice of grilled meat with a special sauce and sidings of some vegees.

Sustainable food!

We had their cakes too after that hefty meal. They call it Valrhona sansrival.

I had this wish to meet the guy face to face, I missed one opportunity to design one of his booth in a certain “expo” due to some unavoidable circumstances. Now I am eyeing his place in Greenhills. Bistro Filipino.

Dining out in places such as this, (especially the ones you haven’t tried yet) with people close to your heart eases away the tiresomeness of a busy restless life. It gives peace within. Good memories. Good food. A pure joy that you can look back at in the years to come.

Courtesy of: http://www.pinterest.com/cavinsdunn/primitive-decor/