Lolo Dad’s Brasserie…

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie sits humbly in the corner of Ayala facing Glorietta. One of the biggest malls in Makati. It was QUAD during my childhood days.

Lolo Dad’s facade  looked ordinary from the outside with it’s full-length glass windows though upon entrance, you will be delighted not only by the smiles from their attendant’s faces as if they knew you were coming but the elegance from within.

Bordered mirrors…

The lightness of the dining area is there even if they made use of huge furniture. It didn’t matter. The foyer provided a spirit of openness.

Light and bright…

Some huge mirrors with floral borders complemented the space, with those massive furniture in terracotta shades, the mirrors sustained the much needed space.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

It was an arctic way of combining all the elements of design.

Each time I eat out, being a Designer myself, I often admire how each was conceptualized. Seeing in my mind how it was carefully laid out and planned.

The ambiance of any restaurant is of course just second to the food they serve.

This is how we got them. Unique and savory.

Arugulas and Alfalfas…
Pizza carbonara… Worth the try…

Their other branch is situated in the heart of Manila. A more country version. Which I can no longer see as it served its’ last plate as of 2013 allowing the Chef (Ariel Manuel) to move on to the next level of his culinary life.