Precious Moments…

Precious Moments… Philippines

“If it is good for your soul, do it.”

I’ve been amazed by these cute angels with tear-drop huge eyes, clothed in pastel hues ever since I was a child, and just recently I discovered that the artist behind was here in the Philippines. It was a happy and precious moment of discovery…looking forward to meet Mr. Sam Butcher..(–,)

pm 17
Don’t they look familiar to you? (–,)

Learning that “Precious Moment” is actually here in my native land, I did not wait long to witness it in my on eyes. I immediately asked hon then to visit the place right away.

We had our dinner first. With great anticipation of unanticipated delights waiting for us at the 2nd floor where the showroom is. I must say, the people were a reflection of Mr. Butcher. The kindness and all the goodness of his heart mirrored by his people. He must be so happy and proud.

pm 2
Dinner first!
pm 3
Hey Mister, how do I do this to my latte?

Full of excitement, I can’t wait anymore to see what’s up there.

pm 8
Dining hall leading to the stairs to the 2nd floor..
I’m sooo excited while goin’ up!

We were surprised by a menagerie of all the collection they created through the years. They’ve been in the business for the past 35 years. Mr. Sam is more than 70 years old already just like my late dad.

pm 5
Aaaw, all the embellishments on the Christmas tree is all Precious Moment! (–,)

pm 6

He passionately believed in the joy of inspiring others. He was very humble, tagged to be one of the most beloved artists in America, his humility is all over. I was informed that regularly he visits the shop to mingle with customers and personally sign the items being bought by his followers.

Can’t wait to meet him… Courtesy of :

At the time of our visit, he was scheduled to visit the week after, it’s just that I have work then though I’m still hoping I’ll have the chance to be seeing him. He is based in Kalibo, Aklan and I was thinking it’s just great If I am to meet him there. Soon.

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pm 7
Children from different parts of the world..
pm 12
There’s a little girl that looks like “Little mermaid” to me..=)
pm 10
There’s a bride, wedding inspired by a famous Filipino designer..
pm 13
A painter!
pm 11
Some students from my Alma Mater! (–,)
pm 16
And a couple just got hitched!
pm 15
The place felt so light and happy, I think they’re God-centered. The staff speaks well of Mr. Sam. It’s very evident he was so loved. Proofs that he is a kind and good person.
pm 17 missouri park
Park in Missouri..

Precious Moments Chapel & Park_thumb[2] (1)
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I must say it’s heroic and angelic to be someone like Sam to make an impact to this world, inspiring people through his own inspiration. The park and the chapel were a manifestation of how great love he have for God and His children. I am so blessed to be inspired by him too.

pm 4
Thank you! ❤
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Precious Moments is located at the following addresses:

Buendia Main Store: 95 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Buendia cor. Osmeña Highway, Makati City

Precious Moments Lobby Shop: Century Park Hotel, Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila

Aklan Factory: Sampaguita Gardens Resort, New Washington, Aklan

You can contact them at:

Telephone: (02) 887-5252 / (02) 225-8332, Mobile Nos.: 09288432738 / 09278965252