TORCH for Anna…

TORCH Restaurant

“The best mirror is an old friend.”

28 years. At a time when texting and face-booking is a thing of the future and none of us had ever imagine it’d come into existence. I, Rachel, Annabelle, Jhonna, Essie and Theresa were friends already. At that time, every single year preparing for one’s birthday is such an easy task.

We're actually
We’re actually “8”. Our name: RAJEMATE, was derived from the first letter of our names, I remember doing it while we’re having class. The other two (the “M” and the last “E” – Miles and Emphol) are missing in action.

Now after 28 years, it was quite a feat. Everyone seems so busy. Our life then, was entirely different. Easier and lighter. While now, it’s a bit heavier but happier and more complete.

For Anna’s birthday, It took us almost 500 messages to finalize where to do it. We are all having thoughts of our own, we started at making it different, a KTV and giant burgers at Paseo, Sta. Rosa, and since Essie’s birthday was a hit (Dancing to the music from the 80’s in Bellevue hotel), we decided to do it one more time, then, one or two can’t stay as late, we opted to just enjoy Al fresco dinner somewhere in Sucat with a live band, then we went back to the original plan and decided to go farther in Cavite, and then again, somewhere nearer, in San Pedro, Laguna. We can’t make up our minds. Until finally, the birthday celebrant opted to decide on it. And to her heart’s content – it was final. =) We will just have lunch at: Torch, Greenbelt, Makati City. Then, stroll, say some prayers at a nearby chapel, shop and probably coffee..

Me, Essie, Tere, Jho, Anna and Chel. <3
Me, Essie, Tere, Jho, Anna and Chel. ❤

The night before, I was even contemplating of going due to a very untimely ugly allergies that were visible on my face and posted them a few hours before our time to meet up. And everyone was crossing fingers that the next message won’t be “Sorry guys, I can’t make it… again.” But nooo! I never wanted to miss this much as I do with each celebration. So I showed up with the rashes visible on my face. I can’t miss to see this special circle whom I have kept in my heart for almost three generations. As I’ve told them during my birthday, that I am very grateful to have them, for being there for me through the years.. Through ups and down, listening to me when I’m falling in love and when I’m falling out of love, when I’m broke and when I’m not, and even when I’m thin or when I’m fat, they never leave me.

We probably gained pounds (or wrinkles) every year. And each pound we gain, were in sync with the love and blessings we felt we gain for having each other. It made us see how the years have been good to us. How life have been kind to us. Because we have each other.

Each celebration were made up of good memories that we collect and look back at in each meeting. There will always be laughter, sometimes, there are also tears. And there are lots of pictures too!

Here are some, celebrating Anna’s special day:

Torch for Anna..
Torch for Anna..
Each table has a different country…
my cchips
Yellow, red and violet chips…
nachos unli
Unlimited nacho chips for only P300+. Not bad right?!
Anna said she is that wasabi on the upper right..
Smiling wasabis. Anna said she is that wasabi on the upper right.. =)
Goin' Japanesa..
Goin’ Japanesa..
Define “happy”…
Their pizza could come in 2 different flavors. We had gambas and margherita..
Their pizza could come in 2 different variants. We had gambas and margherita..

I missed taking photos of the pesto pasta and roast beef. They were too good I guess, we might have guzzled on them right away. Ahaha!

As for the interiors, it is fetching even with the simple lines, the touches of greens completed the effect.
As for the interiors, it is fetching even with the simple lines, the touches of greens completed the effect.
The attendant informed us that their specialty are Sushis, pizza and steak. Though, I not liking pesto pasta, I enjoyed their version. =)
The attendant informed us that their specialty are Sushi, pizza and steak. Though, I am not pesto fan, I enjoyed their version. =)
We’re not yet full here… =)

We’ve gone through rough and tough patches. Huge part of which are heartaches, losses, our differences, our schedules, issues at home, at work, even our health. The list is endless. While the bigger part of which are the few prized times we share once we were together. It is a rule to make time for a get-together. And we will always do! (–,) Happy birthday sissy! ❤

Level 1, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. You can contact them at: 751-6213. Other branches which can serve are in the following locations: Greenhills, Katipunan, UP Town Center and at the Circuit.