Just Like HOME…


As an Interior Designer, my attention has always been captured by good ambiance, dainty interiors, the colors that they used, urban or country charm on top of the precise endeavor of serving good food. These are the kind of restaurants that I eyed. Regardless of its’ distance.

Lovin’ lamps lately…

Fortunately, “Just like home” has all that I’ve mentioned. And they’re just walking distance from our workplace. It has been one of our few but timely choices when our tummy calls for satisfying and delectable goodness. The hunt for perfect dining experience that wont hurt our pockets.

They have a wide array of choices…

Looking from the outside, the area is just a square shape in the middle of 2 different establishments (Starbucks and Project pie) which makes it very ideal for the designer to position the kitchen (working area) at the center fronting the dining tables. In short, the trend in resto design is transparency nowadays. You will no longer worry how your food were being prepared. You can actually see them. You can see the labels of the ingredients that theyre using on their recipes. The intricate details per serving.

Transparency on the kitchen…

The typical cushioned seats paired with individual seater is definitely trending. I have seen it anywhere prior when “Just like home” opened to the public. It is truly innate that something pleasing to the eye will always be copied in many different ways. Here at “Just like home”. They used the color yellow for their seats, justifying the happiness brought about by this color. And there are touches of brown, greens and oranges all around. Giving the place a welcoming impression. Some knick knacks here and there.


Utensils, plates, neatly arranged and very accessible for the waiters to prepare an order. There’s a trompleoil of 2 doors probably to create an assumption that there are still more rooms just to make the space bigger. I especially liked the mason jars.

I have them at home, with handles…=)

I instantly applied the same idea at home. I even plan to embellish them with swarovksi to make it more personalized. Violet for me, yellow for my mom, greens for my son, and pink for my bff who regularly spend weekends with us. I can no longer count how many times I have been to “Just like home”. It is because the food is great. I’ve tried some ribs for the first time and liked it and had it the second time around.

I had the deep fried pork that was a treat of my boss which comes with a special condiment and tried their fish and their cakes too.

Last July 2014…

We even got this!

Fortune cookies!

At another time, we just had desserts.

bnp 2
Caramel cake and apple pie..
And coolers to go with those sweets..
Yeah!!! =)

This time. I’ve gone light. I had scrambled egg with cheese that were topped by capsicum, bits of chicken and mushroom.

Very light!

It is being paired with 2 dinner rolls and my jar of iced cafe latte.

My coffee! ❤

And it’s not even time for breakfast.  The scrambled egg was so smooth I must assume they’re beaten with a machine. What made this visit particularly special is I was able to see one of my favorite chefs in the local industry, Chef Sau Del Rosario – up close and personal. Star strucked me. Yay!

Yes, I was with the Chef! ❤

We chat a little. I couldn’t remember the name of that bistro beside  Fraser Place in Makati that I visited with my soul sissy and he reminded me that its’ Le Bistro Vert. It must have been a long time ago he said. I told him I’m eyeing the one in Greenhills too. He also shared that he was hired by the owners for a while for some innovation and enhancement of their menu.

He also asked if I live in Shaw or somewhere near and I just told him my workplace is just a block away. He convinced me to visit more often and try what’s new. As it’ll be announced soon. I assured him I will even bring some of my friends here. The chat was spontaneous and there was no dead air. I must assume he is used to entertain fans like me. Lol!

chef sau
One of Chef Sau’s creations! Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/BreakfastMag/photos/pb.138912966209979.-2207520000.1422711879./597753666992571/?type=3&theater

My food arrived and he gave me my “me time” to enjoy it. After a few shots getting a trending angle (top view without the lens and a ladder), a few munches and gulps. I had my favorite top-view shot. I left “Just like home” with a happy tummy. And savoring the memory of meeting one of those whom I looked up to in doing his creative stint in the kitchen. Now I am challenged to meet the others. And concluded that “Cooking will always be an Art.” For without the passion and your heart in it, nothing will come as extra special.

PS The owners of this restaurant are often visible and personally interacts with their guests. Apparently, it jives with their name: it felt “Just like home”.  =)