Let’s go wild, wild West! – WILD WEST ROAD HOUSE grill!

Wild West Roadhouse Grill

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.” ~mark twain~

I am not so sure if my readers are already taking my reviews seriously on restaurants, since I am not a Pro in the F&B industry though this is one of the best-tasting meal I’ve ever tried.

This is my third visit and I kept ordering the same roast beef that comes with a creamy & flavorful sauce, it is with a cup full of java rice and buttered veggies. Broccoli included in particular being my favorite vegetable of all.

beef n rice
“Rodeo beef!”

Something Western right? Over the years, restaurants in the Philippines has dramatically improved. There are only a few in the 80s, I was still a child then.

In Shangri-la Plaza mall alone, there are almost a hundred restaurants to choose from categorized such as American, European, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, & Chinese cuisines.

And this is where I discovered my marinated and lightly creamed beef strips (tenderness of which is just so right), the sauce comes with onion rings, which they fondly called as “Rodeo beef”.

Didn’t change over the years.

They spoiled me by providing an extra gravy since I often consumed that creamy sauce right away. It’s a different sauce, however, it matches the beef strips as well. We loved the gravy a great deal.

Another fare that we spotted is the “Sta. Fe Nachos”. It is not the usual layered nachos topped with cheese, veggie strips, chili con carne and bits of jalapenos. It is more like a medley of picadillas and pizza handsomely laid-out in a huge plate, topped with slices of jalapenos and comes with two kinds of dips: sour cream and tomato salsa.

sta fe
Sta. Fe Nachos!

To satiate our penchant, we had this “All-American apple crumble ala mode”, the scoop of ice cream on top is vanilla which they smothered with caramel sauce. They honestly tasted like “One more please!”

epol pie
American Dessert!

The set-up in Shangri-la Festival mall is spacey as well, both with indoor and outdoor spots. I liked their rest rooms too.

roadhouse 2
Once it was Halloween.
christmas na
And then Christmas!
Western style!

I was about to call the attendants’ attention as it was humid when I landed on our chosen seats, however, someone adjusted the temperature promptly.

I don’t normally give details about the drinks they offer, because apparently, I do not drink that much, I mean, I’m referring to the hard drinks. But I think, they can serve most of everyone’s favorites. They have bottled and draft beers, shakes and fruit juices, wines and shots & shooters, alcoholic beverages and they have Perrier too. =)

road house 1

It is also part of their SOP to inquire how was our food, etc, etc. I actually responded that it tastes the same and as good as the last one. =)

They never failed to thank you too and invite you to come back again. A standard spiel that didn’t sound too canned.

I am definite to visit again even if there are a lot of food spots to choose from at Shangri-la Festival mall. It is one of my favorite malls, not only because it is the one nearest from my office, it is also where we held our Interior Design exhibit before graduating from college. We manned our booths for 15 days. So this place holds a special place in my heart, however, it is now entirely different from what it looked like, should I say 20 years ago. Ahahaha!


Jen, my foodie buddy had her an extra rice… oh well! Lol!

They do accept reservations too:

Contact details: 655-3023/6542993. They are at unit 6002-6003, Level 6, East Wing, Shangri-la Festival Mall, corner Shaw boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.