LUK FOO… Not just your ordinary Cantonese restaurant…

Luk Foo…

I never thought my son and his dad will agree with me when I brought them to this Cantonese restaurant just a few blocks away from the office.

Knowing them, these two are pasta and pizza addicts. Since we are all famished then, we opted going to the nearest at that time. Originally, we planned to go to Shangri-la mall, see a movie and dine after.

They were debating whether they’re getting their carbo over load either from S&R or Project pie (Create your own pizza). Then, I showed them Luk foo. As we were entering their glass door, I was bragging that we normally do our meetings here and that the food is scrumptious and most importantly it isn’t heavy on the budget.

luk foo menu
Not your ordinary Cantonese kitchen..

As our son is browsing on the menu, he was appalled with something that is really quite costly, like P3,000 something per serving and his dad just told him “Oh, that’s Abalone, don’t get it if you don’t want your mom to be wearing these guys’ aprons!” And the three of us and the attendants were all laughing!

lf cubiertos
My cubiertos..

Here’s what we’ve got:

For a starter, we’ve had the taro puff. It’s crispy on the outside while the inside is soft and meaty.

lf balls
Taro puff!
lf balls 2
Yummy! =)

It’s funny to be getting this, because I had the same the other night, had it for lunch that same day, and I don’t really mind!

lf beef broc
Broccoli with beef and mushroom.
lf yang chow
Our yang chow…

We had the epic hakaw too..

lf ribs in strwberry
Spare ribs in strawberry sauce…

According to our son – Echo, the ribs are “TDF”! And he was right, I don’t like strawberries that much, while this one was gutsy to me at first, then realized, it stole the show, and tasted heavenly. Instead of my usual more than 1 cup of rice, I had two then. Burp! Those that were served a few minutes ago were gone in a blink! Ehehe!

Honestly, it was only at that time when I learned, that strawberry can be used as a sauce in viands too. The usual that I know of that we use in our households are pineapple, apple sauce, orange sauce. But not strawberry. This is really unexpected but it made the difference! =) You have to try it to believe! (–,)

I’m so happy to be back to this place with my family! I could not find nice words to convey having them around here in our area. It is like a rendezvous for foodies like us.

Echo wanted to come back already.


I have something else to share, this date was complete when my boss and soul buddy came over to meet these two men. It is her first time to meet my ex while my son, knew her all his life and been looking forward to see her! He even found a tricky way to have a picture with her. Ahaha! Calling it a night, we also bought some artisanal donuts from Scarsdale to bring home too.