SumoSam – Another option for a Japanese restaurant…

SumoSam – An option for an affordable Japanese restaurant

Foodie buddy is craving for Japanese food. She convincingly mentioned several places in Makati as her workplace is there. Instead of her bringing me to Makati, I brought her to Edsa Shangri-la mall. Since we already tried Akira and at that time it was peak time. We looked around and crossed our fingers to find an option. And we did. We ended up at SumoSam.

She liked it there instantly telling me she would always pass by Sumo-sam at Gateway mall though she’s always alone each time and could not afford to eat without someone to share it with.

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It was my first time at SumoSam too.

A favorite subject of food bloggers…
Look up look up.. loving ceilings and decorative lighting lately…

I normally get the Ebi tempura or something that comes with veggies and fillets of fish and squid which they call mixed tempura.

Tempura has been my favorite since college.

When I was in college, there’s an authentic Japanese restaurant some blocks away from our school, and I always recall the fan shape batter of their ebi tempura. It was creatively plated. They also have this sweetened and slightly spicy “dilis” (anchovies) and some bean sprouts being served as appetizer. It was in Kamameshi House along Zobel, Roxas in Makati.

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This and Japanese rice after my miso soup. The soup was a must as I always had it in mind. What’s eating at a Japanese restaurant without the miso soup? My buddy had the same.

It’s so heavy! =)

The taste is good, though nothing extra-ordinary or spectacular. The nice thing about it is it didn’t left us room looking for something that’s missing but were satiated upon getting what we have expected from a Japanese restaurant just minus the fan-shaped batter of tempura. Having tried several Japanese rice, theirs tasted really equally good.

I haven’t seen any Japanese (or Chinese) restaurant that won’t offer tea before dining…

I was not yet blogging at that time when I was also with the same person when we had our very late lunch at Tatami in Serendra. We were so full at that time and loved what we had. We had a full bento then, something you can’t imagine that a size like mine can consume. Ehehe!

She is also the one who didn’t stop asking me to have an abrupt dinner at John and Yoko in Alabang town center while I just had lunch from the same restaurant at their branch in Greenbelt a few days ago.

john n yoko
After lunch at John & Yoko, bought some chocolates from Patchi and frozen yogurt..=)

Her being impulsive is ridiculous. She would crave at something and would pout like a child if you tell her we can’t now, blah blah blah. Loving this person goes with the saying that the fondness I have for me covers all her peculiarities. In reality I guess I can’t do it the third time. Eating at the same place unless I’d be ordering another. Sometimes stuff like this you’d be forced to do for friendship. (–,)

It is because I’ve always wanted variety. Although I have my favorites too. So instead of eating at the same restaurant time and again, I’d rather eat at some place new especially the ones who get good reviews. It was the adventurous version of me. Still, I accompanied her, besides I like the food at John and Yoko, the queue each time we go there regardless of what time of the day will testify to that.

Some tips on ethics…=) Very educational!

SumoSam is located at:

6/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, The Ledge, Shaw Blvd Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City. They also have branches in Powerplant mall, Trinoma, Gateway mall, Greenbelt 3,  Lucky Chinatown mall, The Podium, Newport mall and most SM malls.


We didn’t order drinks then as we still have these:

No corkage fee! ❤