To blog or not to blog – BAGNETified…

To blog or not to blog – Bagnetified

“Take time to eat what makes your tummy happy.”

Every year in the Philippines, new restaurants are born. It became so conspicuous that well-known bloggers even come up with their own top 10 list each year. For there are so many of different kind. So bloggers like me are cajoled to visit them if chance permits.

One of which is BAGNETified!

It is a chain of restaurants and has eyed to open a hundred stores this year. And luckily, we’ve got one just across the street.

“Bagnet” is a delicacy from the north, specifically in the Ilocos region.

My first to try it is a pasalubong from a friend in my previous job. And when I visit that region in the north, I immediately looked for it and ordered it and honest to goodness. Enjoyed it!

As for health concerns, this might not fit those who are health conscious. Bagnet is first and foremost a big portion of pork belly, deep fried until crispy. It is the Ilocano version of “Lechon kawali”. The best part of it is the skin being crispy and paired with a special soy sauce where different spices are chopped thinly and voila, more rice please!

At BAGNETified, they did some special twist. The staple viands of the Filipinos they utilized as specialties created with bagnet on each of it.

Like vegetable bagnetified, seafood bagnetified, and so on. Here’s what we’ve got:

bagnnet again

bagnet kare

bagnet pakbet

So what is the step by step procedure to cook it?

So here it is.

Some sinful desserts are available too.

bagnet bb
Blueberry cheesecake with fresh mangoes on top..

They even have pastas and chicken too. The choices are plenty so no worries, you will be able to choose one that fits your palate well.

As for the ambiance. Their interiors are simple yet pleasant.

bagnet red

bagnet dining area

This is a place for diggers like me, who might not mind an extra fat or calorie every once in a while.


The iced tea is great! (–,)

bagnet iced tea
Not more of just being polite, being a coffee lover, I like their iced tea…=)
More please..=)

They accept deliveries within Metro Manila, to sate your cravings, just dial: 99-SARAP 

Happy eating! (–.)