Crawled our way to “CLAW DADDY”…

Crawled our way to “Claw Daddy”..

Reminded me of a restaurant in Gensan with a crab on their logo too..
Where’s my spoon?

As often as I could, I would try to write about every experience (s), at every chance. Like when I eat out, or saw a movie, read a book, discovered a new place, a new artist, heard a new beat, found a new spa, the list is endless.

It might sound silly, but even unlikely topics, I try to wrote.

Someday, I see a book being published written by moi. It’ll include funny and unique stories about life and love in my entire 40 something years.

Last week, as usual, my foodie buddy craved for Bubba gump. We often dine there but that was years ago.

At Bubba gump years ago..

Ironically, her office is a just a few blocks away from Bubba gump in Makati. Playing sweet, she doesn’t want to dine there without me. So, we planned to do it the day that I am attending some exhibits somewhere in Manila.

That we will have an early lunch at Bubba gump, and she will accompany me to the exhibit(s). Okay, done deal.

Come Friday, something occurred in the morning though not a something like “I’m moving heaven and earth”, I failed to meet her for that early lunch. I just had to do an errand. Yes, just an errand but took me away from our plan for the day. Oh, some days.

So we headed right away to the exhibits (duty first before pleasure) and had lunch at almost five in the afternoon.

We wandered at Mall of Asia with nothing specific in mind out of hunger. Ahahaha!

Oh, we were eating soft pretzels in the cab (it was, as expected, traffic!) So we weren’t that hungry at all.

My duty was tinkered and here comes our chase for a place to satiate our stomachs.

We landed on that block at Mall of Asia where different sorts of restaurants are lined-up. Each has ambulant attendants showing you the menus and will convince you to try dining at their place with their usual spiels (Isn’t it hard-selling?).

Out of more than a dozen places, we trim them down to three choices. We are already hungry and we still managed to scrutinized our choice as to where we are going to eat (big time!).

So here are the three choices:

Sarsa Good ambiance. Good presentation. Though its’ Filipino cusine. We’re Filipinos. Anything else?

Claw Daddy Good interiors. Offers pizza and pasta (Jen’s bet).

New Orleans –  Has a “create your own pizza”. Hmmm. Looks like we’re ending up here. Steaks, ribs? Jen, we just had ribs, right???

And then, our feet led us to Claw Daddy. We were eyeing Bubba gump in the first place right?

cycle of life
Survival of the fittest!
green crab
Oh, very green! Is there really a green crab?

Ironically, we ordered for pizza and Hickory chicken with rice. Pasta and rice equals carbo overload.

I loved the sauce!!! And the purple cabbages! ❤
2 pizzas
One for me, and one for Jen!
5 cheese
Mine has 5 kinds of cheese on it!

So that’s why the ceilings are full of Italian denotations.

italy ceiling
Italy! ❤

I enjoyed the interiors of Claw Daddy at MOA (Mall of Asia). Is it really the biggest in Asia? I mean, that mall?

Loved the interiors!
Found another mural…(–,)
the americas
The Americas!

I even asked if the owner loves Light houses as I’ve seen a lot. According to the waitress. She has no idea.




This is intriguing too. The waitress in all fairness did her best to describe it. Though maybe since I am hungry, all I can remember is that they are from sardines cans, which I found very creative too.

Very creative!
vintage fone
Ring ring!

After a few minutes, we were already smiling, fed and full. (–,)

Happy tummy! ahahaha! ps Yes, I gave in to Pepsi! ❤


We had our food in less than 10 minutes. The meat of chicken is so tender, and the barbecue sauce is heavenly. I forgot to ask if it’s home-made or bought, so what’s the brand? The pizzas’ crust I must assume is home-made, tasted like Mediterranean Pitas! (–,)

Till then Bubba gump. Thanks Claw Daddy for feeding us well!