CDO – Mindanao’s haven

CDO/ Cagayan De Oro – Mindanao’s haven…

“A good life is a collection of happy moments.” ~Denis Waitley~

I have discovered a lot in traveling alone. Not only of places but self-discoveries as well. It gives you the opportunity to appreciate more the people that you have, the things you own, the friends you’ve known, it gives you more excitement at the thought of going back home.

It is them that you think of each time you travel alone. Being in Cagayan De Oro for a few weeks gave me that kind of feeling. From where I stayed, it is only a few hours to witness the Maria Cristina falls, there are other falls that are equally as stunning as Maria Cristina falls, there are also Zip-lining spots, adventures like spelunking, white-water rafting, beaches of Camiguin, among others.

I did not take the opportunity to see them in my own eyes, I want to see them if I am with my loved-ones, instead, I choose to enjoy my solitude, writing on top of working and scrap-booking. I was thinking of how seldom I get chances like this to be alone, so I grabbed-it and own all of my time to do things I am passionate of but can’t do in the past due to tons of works to prioritize and responsibilities.

Taking a break from it, I am sometimes dragged by my own feet to just enjoy whatever I will encounter because I had to feed my stomach on top of feeding my mind.

Night Cafe is highly recommended, so I opted to spend dinner and see why it is famous.

cdo 1
A street-long display of foods to choose from frequented by locals and tourists alike especially during Fridays when the stalls are plenty.

It is very similar to Banchetto in Ortigas and Larsian in Cebu.

cdo 2
Night park or Night cafe…

Much as I wanted to keep private my spirituality, my Sundays in CDO aren’t complete without visiting St. Agustin Cathedral .

These stained-glass windows are a hundred years old already…

The city girl in me prevails when I discovered myself being lured by Lim ket kai mall. This is the most popular mall in CDO, I spent most of my lunches and dinners there, or get my food from there and bring it to my place and eat alone in front of the television.

I kept coming back to Vienna kaffee haus, an Austrian resto where I have in alternates: beef & mushroom, crepes, coffee, blueberry pie (not a cheesecake, I noticed there’s no layers of graham though tastes good as well) as most of the restos are what we already have in Manila. I need something different. However for a few times, I found myself having my favorites from Pancake house.

I’ve also tried getting some of my groceries from Gaisano mall and some stuff for my scrapbooks. (–,) You wouldn’t believe, even a butter holder and a glass canister I’ve bought to bring home for our kitchen. It is also from this mall, I found this irresistible red digicam and bought it instantly. I wondered why we do not have Gaisano in Manila, they have pretty items I consider to be unique and good finds.

cdo 3

Some of my supplies, I habitually bought from this cute shop in Lim ket kai. They also a warehouse like store selling Mango items.

cdo 4
I asked them to put up a branch in Manila. It instantly became my favorite. =)

A whole block selling orchids is just in front of Lim Ket kai.

Orchids from CDO!

My stay here was one of the most peaceful. And I intend to go back one day. In the meantime, I’ll put them first in my scrapbook… (–,)

i love cdo cagayan de oro

I bought at least 4 shirts for my fam.


lim ket

I’ve always knew while my plane was about to take off, that I am definitely coming back to CDO.