Magandang Gensan!

Magandang Gensan!

More than a decade has passed, I can still recall my bosses at work flying to Gensan for a couple of times due to a project closed in that part of Mindanao. Young as I was, I used to wonder if I ever had that chance, what am I to see in Gensan? Thinking of it, a World Champion Filipino boxer comes first to my mind and the tunas taking the second place. So what else?

Even if flying to Gensan City meant work for me, reaching a place for the first time, the excitement has always been there.

wifi zone
I should be thankful for a “wifi zone”… though I had to go down from my room from time to time…

Since I can’t do without coffee, I had to rent a tricycle to go around the city and locate the nearest coffee shop. Much to my surprise, there are a lot. I found this one.

Coffee 101..Gensan’s version of Starbucks, I assumed.

Just beside it, is a famous restaurant. As recommended by my staff, I had to try it during one weekend.

Grab a crab!
Largest menu I’ve ever seen…
And the tallest carrot juice I’ve ever had…

My visit at that time, was election month, as advised, stay indoors as much as possible. I listened at times, but most of the time, I did not.

In my hotel…
And another…
gs 1
This is Robinson;s Mall’s facade…
Been here twice…incidentally, one of the therapist who handled me is from my hometown, Laguna.
A piped-in music is playing..
I especially like their shower. so thin and soft to the skin.
These tiny yellow flowers abound in the sidewalks..lovely to behold.
And since my cashier is in yellow, I had to convince her for a souvenir photo. =)
It was a peaceful yet “missing my loved ones back home” stay…
Thankful that my flight back home is in the afternoon, I went to Citra Mina to hoard tuna, blue marlin & gindaras. Only to find out later that they have a branch in Sucat. ehehe..Staff here are very accommodating, very professional, and they packed our boxes neatly enough for the officers to okay it boarding time.

I’m sorry to misplaced my photos from the Tuna park, from where I witnessed the whopping, over-sized fish like literally “Big fish”…

gen san
I just got this one…(–,)

I heard that Sarangani highlands is an interesting place to visit too, and for nature-tripping, just nearby is a falls, some cave as well and of course the pristine beaches. I am so agitated to share this right away, I actually spent hours looking for the picture I’ve taken of Mt. Apo because its’ donning her unspoiled beauty right in front of the airport. I took it while waiting for my plane to arrive. I hope to catch up soon. Lesson learned: Immediately transfer photos to a usb or keep some media cards handy.

All I can say is that the city deserves its name for all its’ meaning.